The debut of the last saga of Black clover stunned many readers, both for the speed with which the new antagonist was introduced and for the upheaval in Asta's life. In fact, the protagonist found himself heartbroken in front of Sister Lily, only to find himself facing her as one of Zogratis' finest warriors.

To these developments must also be added the fact that, out of the blue, Asta found himself in an undisclosed location, the Land of the Sun, where Captain Yami hails from, where he was able to learn techniques and hone his skills in anticipation of the grand finale. In Chapter 350, Asta continued to face the powerful opponents in the service of Zogratis and finally managed to free Sister Lily from the villain's mind control thanks to the achieved mastery in the tedding technique.

In doing so, Asta finally got a chance to exchange a few words with Lily, who, feeling guilty for what had happened, burst into tears, which also touched Asta. Lily starts with Astaand even told him the reason why she went to the orphanage: to help everyone who was being discriminated against because of their magical powers.

When Asta sees Lily and frees her, she has one more reason to return to the battlefield more determined than ever Destroy the domain of Lucius Zogratis, and try again to save the kingdom. What do you think of the touching conversation between Asta and Lily? As usual, let us know in the comments. Finally, a fan theory on a possible fourth elemental.

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