Black Clover's sudden hiatus has certainly messed up Weekly Shonen Jump magazine's publication schedules and manga fans' reading. But now that point is over and it's time to see what Yuki Tabata has in store for the next chapter.

The fight begins in the Black Clover 346 spoilers. Distant civilians are convinced they've seen the same five-headed dragon spoken of in the legends, and wonder if the Shogun and Ryuzen are okay. Kezokaku easily dodges attacks, and Ichika points out how agile the woman is when not thinking. However, Lily comments that it might not be good for him to dodge the attacks as the five-headed dragon attacks and destroys a mountain.

After Lily's comment a Flashback of Ichika with a speech from Ryu to the Ryuzen, where he explains to them everything he has seen. An enemy attack is imminent and war against these paladins who are part of Lucius' army is imminent. In the flashback, one of the Ryuzen says that they must defeat the enemy, but Ryu says that the citizens must be saved first, as he predicts that the five-headed dragon will do a lot of damage. He says the enemy is stronger than ever and asks if the group can win. Apparently, the Ryuzen answer yes.

Daizaemon, the monk, uses an earth yojutsu and his magic is "Vidyārāja of the Buddhist priest", Vidyārāja being the third deity after buddhas and bodhisattvas in Vajrayana Buddhism. Kezokaku has a snow yojutsu, and his magic is "silvermane fox in a blood-stained kimono," a nod to Japanese kitsune. Komari has a lightning yojutsu called "Fivefold Lightning Dance Yakshahime" instead. Jozo instead has a wind-based yojutsu and summons a sharp blade. Finally, there's Ichika with his dark yojutsu, which takes advantage of the "black crescent moon" he uses to knock off one of the dragon heads.

With five gathered Ryuzen, everyone has to cut off a dragon's head. Lily comments on their strength while Ichika wraps up the Black Clover chapter by saying they won't give up. After this chapter, the manga will go on hiatus for the magazine's holidays, following a calendar identical to that of My Hero Academia.

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