The homeland of Yami Sukehiro has been debated for a long time. The captain of the Black Bull comes from a very distant land and above all very different from the kingdom of Clover. All readers of Black clover They knew that this mention was no coincidence and that one day Yuki Tabata would show this unknown land.

That time has come: the latest Black Clover saga began with an important clash that led Asta to the Land of the Sun. Here he was introduced to the Shogun Ryuya Ryudo, who showed him around to introduce him to the newcomer. Place where he was catapulted. That Chapter 338 of Black Clover it shows us a glimpse of these streets transplanted from feudal Japan, but there are many differences related to Clover's reign that don't stop at the architecture.

One of these has to do with magic: in the Land of the Sun, the residents are not equipped with magic, instead using the scrolls to activate texts. This technique is called Yojutsu and so they too can use magic even though they have no mana. In fact, her main abilities revolve around ki, as demonstrated by Yami Sukehiro's young sister in the brief confrontation with a group of bandits.

Will these roles be useful for Asta in the future?

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