We went from one attack to the next: after the reign of swords, it was the reign of clover that made its move. Directed by Vice-Captain Nacht del Toro Nero, the strongest magical knights are determined to recover from the defeat they suffered in this narrative arc Black clover. However, rotations alternate one after the other.

After Jack's blows, Dante appears to have been cornered despite the demonic power. The magician, however Morris managed to speed up the process of summoning the devils and this has enabled not only the arrival of some of these creatures on Earth, but the Dark Triad to unleash their true power.

The Chapter 280 by Black Clover In fact, the three antagonistic characters have used 100% of their devils' power. Prior to the opening of the Qliphoth ritual, the Triad could only use part of this power, but it was insufficient to defeat the magical Knights of the Clover who recently infiltrated their castle. In a double board, Yuki Tabata chose it unleash all their strength for the three with a lot of transformation that makes them more and more infernal and darker beings.

Will the few knights present be able to stem the strength of these beings?

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