After a long training in the new chapter of Black clover Yuno wants to show readers the results of his efforts. With his new attack, will he be able to stop the evil plans of the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords?

Yuno feels like deputy captain of the Golden Dawn responsible for the capture of his captain. But the boy swore not to let Zeno of the Dark Triad get away with it, and in order not to break his promise to himself, he trained hard to improve his magical skills.

While Asta strengthened his devilish powers with Nacht's help, Yuno trained independently while he was studying a new one Plan of attack against Zeno. To successfully implement his strategy, the boy devised a new attack that, as we saw in Chapter 272 of Black Clover, can create huge craters. However, this may not be enough.

Yuno's role in the fight against the Kingdom of Swords it will surely be crucial. The boy is, in fact, closely associated with this kingdom of which, as mentioned, he is the missing prince. Will he be able to defeat Zenon? In Black Clover 272, Asta and Yuno trained hard; We watch their training. Black Clover's new color page confirms the identity of the protagonist's mother.

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