The protagonists of Black clover They defeated evil organizations, the elves who stole the bodies of many in the Kingdom of Klee, and eventually a demon, albeit one of the weakest. However, Asta and the others faced a new reality that could destroy the kingdom and the whole world.

The Kingdom of Swords performed with the Dark Triad who kidnapped Yami, Vangeance and Lolopechka. Asta was defeated despite the new demonic powers and is now looking for someone who can make him stronger. The answer to that research came in Black Clover 262, which introduced the Black Bull's deputy captain, a character who has not previously been in the game and who appears to have made a pact with another demon.

However, night was also the protagonist of the Chapter 263 by Black Clover published on Sunday, September 6th on MangaPlus. The new character of Black Clover attends the gathering of Captains of the Clover Kingdom and proves that he knows a lot about the dark ritual. Yami and Vangeance will stay alive for about 10 days as the ritual takes at least 7 days to open all 7 levels that make up the demonic world. Every day a portal opens through which one or more of the 10 demons arise. The more portals you open, the stronger the demons become.

Obviously, Lucifer, the most powerful of these dark creatures, is in the final level. Then for three days Asta will train and also be the linchpin of the counter-offensiveand uses its anti-magic.

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