The story of Gatsu, the black warrior who was born from the spirit of the late master Kentaro Miura, is now nearing its conclusion with Kouji Mori and Studio Gaga working on it, waiting to find out how the series will develop berserk In Chapter 372, Good Smile Company presented a spectacular collectible figure.

During his adventure filled with terrifying moments, Gatsu came into contact with various artifacts. From the monstrous and cruel Bejelits to the mammoth Dragon Slayer has become one of the most relevant and at the same time dangerous objects for Gatsu the armor of the berserker. A piece of armor imbued with magic, forged by dwarves and capable of freeing the wearer from the confines of their body, turning them into a war machine but bringing them one step away from death.

Another peculiarity that characterizes this armor is the form it takes, which varies according to the user. In Gatsu's case the helmet accommodates the snout of a wolfwith red eyes, as underlined by the images published by Good Smile, to present a character that arrives during the third quarter of 2023. The statue in question reproduces the pose taken by Gatsu in the illustration on the cover of Volume 28, one of the first in which the armor appears, and does so with great meticulousness in the details, both of the armor and of the gigantic sword and the rocky base.

If you want to add Gatsu in Berserker Armor to your collection, you can pre-order the figure now at Price of 84.90 euros. Let us know if you got it or what you think in the comments. Finally, we remind you that the Berserk manga is enjoying excellent results worldwide and we leave you everything we know about Berserk chapter 372.

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