The world of Berserk It's extremely dark and dangerous, and we met him during the adventures of Gatsu, a former member of the Hawk Squad who embarked on a journey of revenge on Griffith, his former partner, following the terrifying event known as the Eclipse .

One of the strong elements in Berserk's narrative is accuracy the presence of well-characterized charactersand able to capture many of the fans of Kentaro Miura's work, and although he has often stayed in the shade, rides his elegant and armored horse and not much is known about him, The knight of the skull is considered one of the most interesting figures within the series.

This knight and demon hunter has never shown any particular weaknesses and has proven to be incredibly fast and powerful. He is much more years than the protagonist, and consequently a deeper knowledge of the world. To celebrate a fan of the series, user @Yogurtcoveredslug decided to go for it Tattooing the sword that the knight himself useswhat allowed him to kill the apostles. You can find the tattoo image in the post at the bottom of the page.

Keep in mind that a fan made Gatsu's mechanical hand as a prosthesis and that the manga won't be returning until 2021.

Got a Skull Night Sword tattoo from r / Berserk

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