After long waiting DC comics finally released the long-awaited 95th edition of Batman, a chapter that officially marks the beginning of the so-called "The Joker War", an action that will have important implications for the future of the Dark Knight, with the DC who did so teased fans for whole months.

Well, on the pages of the new edition it is possible to see what our bat man's new costume is. characterized by sparkling colors that are sure not to go unnoticed. Many have actually wondered why such a strange choice, questions and questions were answered by the publisher Ben Abernathy, who actually announced that the costume will lead to important effects in the future. In fact, the man said:

"This costume will be changed in the future. It is not intended to be some kind of mysterious cliffhanger, but I can assure you that we will be back soon to talk more about it. However, I do admit that it really is a great costume. The design came after we had it asked about creating a suit that was futuristic but also nice to look at, and I have to say that the end result is really excellent. "

Before we say goodbye, we also remind you that a new Batman one shot has recently been announced for the Darkest Knight. Incidentally, the 48th volume of Batman Beyond was also published these days.

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