The current story arc of the new magazine is dedicated to avenger shows the most powerful heroes in the world in an intense battle with Moon Knight and his mentor Khonshu, who gave his name to a new era within the Marvel Comics multiverse and also changed the meaning of some objects that appeared in the past.

Volume 37 of the series featured the Avengers team split into several groups, all of whom were involved in the fight in question, with Black Panther and Robbie Reyes against Khonshu himself. During the battle T'Challa recalls the powers of Iron Fist and the mystical arts of the Sorcerer SupremeThis will detach the physical totems that contain these abilities from the enemy's body.

Later we see how Black Panther returns to his companions, whom he asks to intervene with the totems in question, who immediately find two "guests". You Hulk and Blade. In the spectacular table you can find at the bottom of the news, She Hulk is actually seen facing Khonshu's subordinates with the strength of the iron fist, while Blade uses Dr. Taking advantage of Strange in his favor.

A short but unbelievable moment that he managed Give more space to two of the characters most valued by readers the adventure of the new avengers. Keep in mind that Black Panther apparently managed to run Mjonir and we are leaving you to the death of one of the main Marvel villains.

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