Though The attack of the Giants is preparing to make the first break in its history, although not strictly linked to the serialization of the work, Hajime Isayama's masterpiece continues to fascinate thousands of fans daily even without the help of the chapters.

The franchise, in fact, enjoys a sensational creativity to say the least, thanks above all to the genius of its fans. Suffice it to say, in this regard, that an enthusiast has even managed to recreate the entire District of Shiganshina on a scale, complete with alleys and some iconic characteristics of the birthplace of Eren. In any case, speaking of manifestations of creativity, it is impossible not to mention the extraordinary cosplay that fans make occasionally, the last of which is nothing short of surprising.

The talented cosplayer yasucchan, which you can trace on Instagram to the name just mentioned, has dedicated a character's latest interpretation to Ymir, former soldier of the Research Corps and possessor of the power to transform himself into a Giant. The cosplay in question, however, has gained an incredible clamor in the Reddit community, thanks to a proposal that is at times extremely realistic of the original subject.

And you, however, what do you think of this representation of Ymir by yasucchan, do you like it? Let us know, as usual, with a comment in the appropriate box below, but not before having looked at our special study on the tenth anniversary of The Attack of the Giants.

We have real life Annie, now it's Ymir turn. (Credits to: @Yasucchan on Ig) from r / ShingekiNoKyojin

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