The long awaited moment has finally almost come. Nearly a decade after its debut, the animated adaptation of attack on Titan comes to an end with the broadcast of the last season part 3. Here's a preview of this final season, broken into two courses.

In March, a special episode of Attack on Titan will debut with breathtaking duration. However, this appointment will only be that Prelude to the actual endingwhich will arrive later this year.

While studio MAPPA is definitely working hard to refine the final details before airing, onThumbnail of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3.

The staff of Studio Kusanagi offered a glimpse into his work on Attack on Titan. The studio was asked to produce the 3D models and backgrounds for Part 3 of Fian Season, and now fans can see the fruits of that labor. At the end of the article we see a 3D model of Paradis in all its glory.

Studio Kusanagi's commitment will be fundamental to the success of this final date with the Attack on Titan anime. With the adaptation moving from the hands of WIT Studio to Studio MAPPA, the series has actually benefited from itCG and 3D animation. Finally we leave you all the details of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3.

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