After Attack on Titan 4 Part 2, the second part of the very long final season of the anime, Studio MAPPA has once again thrown itself into the production of this beautiful yet terrifying series in order to fulfill its ultimate task: the completion of the adaptation of Hajime Isayama's story with a killer ending.

Months of work, a lot of waiting, but in the end Attack on Titan Final Season Final Part 1 has arrived on Crunchyroll, the first part of an ending that will only conclude with another special episode in a few months. The The return of the anime actually took place with a special hour-long episodea kind of mini-movie that gathered some of the strongest scenes of the series, brought more to the ranks of the protagonists and antagonists, retold the destruction and vision of Eren Jaeger and the will of the other members of the scouting force to stop him.

In a stunning finale, Attack on Titan 4 can only be applauded for the story it tells. The story gets even more epic thanks to a special video created by the anime's producers, Pony Canyon and Studio MAPPA. In fact, a Attack on Titan 4 Final Part 1 Special AMV, with a two-minute video summarizing the entire episode, with the highlights. Accompanied by "Under the Tree", the new theme song by Japanese music group SiM, we see the death of little Ramzi, the wave of advancing giants, Eren and Ymir, the attack on the colossal giant and the final flight of Hangi Zoe , carried on the wings of freedom.

A tragic and moving ending that, however, awaits its final part in a few months, ending one of the terrible beauties of this decade.

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