attack on Titan One of the most anticipated returns of the winter season in terms of Japanese animation, Final Chapters Special 1 turned out to be an episode packed with details and pivotal information to get to the grand finale. Among them is a sentimental revelation Armin Arlert.

Before boarding the plane that will take them to the battlefield and ever closer to the monstrous Eren, the protagonists could experience moments of calm and stillness. Armin seizes the opportunity, perhaps the last given the impending and very dangerous clash, and decides to open his heart to it Annie Leonhartasking her not to change and letting her know how much he really cares about her.

The surprised girl reacts embarrassed to Armin's words, but decides a few moments later not to return to the battlefield, eager to lead a peaceful existence. However, Armin is still part of the reconnaissance army and has to support his comrades and guide them to Hanje's sacrifice. A nod before setting off makes clear the new understanding and complicity between the two.

During their brief conversation, Armin also reveals that he often visited her during her stasis, simply because he wanted to see her. A phrase that affects both, giving life to an intimate and calm scene, despite all the problems that will soon reach them. What do you think of this sentimental clip dedicated to Armin and Annie? Tell us in the comments.

Before we say goodbye, we leave you with the moral discussion of Eren's actions and with our recap of Attack on Titan The Final Chapters Special 1.

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