Hajime Isayama has been getting a lot of attention lately. The mangaka who has retired from the scene for more than a year and a half now End of Attack on Titan manga, has gone public again thanks to collaborations with some companies. First there was Crunchyroll, who asked a few questions about the story.

This time, however, it is France that pesters the author with a few questions and curiosities about The Attack of the Giants. Hajime Isayama always wanted to go to the spa, a dream of his that he has been cultivating for years and that he has expressed several times in the various interviews, thinking of retiring from the life of a cartoonist when his work is over to open a spa. However, as he said several months ago, the situation did not go as planned.

And the question comes right back during this interview, but more specifically, more issues are touched on. The author explains has no intention of making a sequel to Attack on Titan, just as he has absolutely no intention of making a new manga, not even a new story. Instead, he continues on the path that will lead him to the construction of his sauna, and it is to this project that he will devote his time for years to come. So for now there is no intention of releasing anything again, including the Levi offshoots that have been talked about for a while.

Did you like this statement by Hajime Isayama from not make sequels to Attack on Titan?

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