The attack of the giants is one of the most well-known manga that has written an important piece of the Japanese comic industry in the last decade. Hajime Isayama's work has a unique quality that changes and improves over time, but is still crude and capable of instilling fear in those who read it with specific charts.

how could you make it even more disturbing are some of the scenes from The Attack of the Giants? There are many fans and designers trying their hand at work trying to reinvent the world of Attack of the Giants with fan art and many other illustrations and productions. One of them is NesRamPor who, to answer the initial question, has decided to exploit the style of Kentaro Miura, the Berserk mangaka.

We remember Miura's style as one of the most iconic in the world of manga, always recognizable thanks to its chiaroscuro characteristics that make the atmosphere of its creation even darker. Well, the fan chose the table of Eren's final transformation with the destruction of the walls and the liberation of the colossal giants, with a style with a very strong black that makes The Attack of the Giants even darker.

Did you like this fan reinterpretation? Here are four more imaginative illustrations for Attack of the Giants by Perok.

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