A new spin-off inspired by is about to hit the market the attack of the giantswho will follow Armin’s adventures as an investigator. The work is entitled “Detective Armin” and is primarily aimed at a child’s goal.

The author presented the spin-off through a post on Twitter, which can be found at the end of the article, and made it clear that while the work only appeals to a very young audience, it can still entertain readers of all ages.

The band will tell an unpublished story Here the Scout Army will grapple with an unknown threat. From the initial information, this appears to be the narrative canvas of the work, which also includes a number of quiz questions to have fun with.

The gloomy surroundings of the Isaiyama universe have since been recreated in a literary format The split will basically be an easy novel. At the moment the band is only intended for Japan, but given the enormous popularity of the work, it is not impossible that it can reach the West within a few months.

The fourth season of the attack of the giants may not appear in the fall season, according to the latest rumors on the internet. Let’s relive the most shocking moments of the Giants’ attack together, from the first to the last season of Wit Studio.

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