Yesterday, the seventh episode of Attack of the Giants 4 aired in Japan and North America, this time in collaboration with the animators from Vinland Saga and HunterxHunter. The episode brought everyone in line for the first time, and MAP thanked for the support with a sketch from Mikasa.

Below you can take a look at the sketch made by HunterxHunter's animation director in 2011. Takahiko Abiru. The picture shows Mikasa, standing and armed with two thundering spears, the perfect weapons to defeat the giants of Marley.

Episode 7 of Attack of the Giants 4 is titled "Assault" and adapts the first half of volume 26 of the Isayama manga. The fans reacted extremely positively to the episode, with creepy grades and an impressive 10/10 on IMDB. Of course, there has been no shortage of sporadic complaints about the use of CGI, which fluctuated a bit especially in the first few minutes of the episode, but the compliments far outweigh the criticism.

We remind you that Episode 7 Attack of the Giants 4 will be coming out tomorrow on VVVVID and Prime Video and that will also be the turning point, as the fourth season will only consist of 16 episodes. For the grand finale, it seems that the production team preferred to wait for the entire work to be released in order to be able to conclude the work at a later date, perhaps with a film.

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