Due to the lack of followers, "last season" information is de The attack of the giants Almost inadequate to understand the quality of the computer graphics provided by production. Internal sources reported by insiders indicate that CGI will play a very important role in the series.

We had known that for a few months MAP study There was a studio that specialized entirely in CGI technology, but it was not clear to what extent the staff would replace traditional technology with computer graphics. An indication of this effect comes directly from Change the DAC, an insider who revealed how production will choose the 3DCG to make all or nearly all of the titans in the series a reality including the "9 Giants".

The attack on Titan saw a slow transition to CGI throughout its season WIT Studio Due to lack of time, she was forced to create the colossal giant using the new technology. But if the result at that time was almost unsatisfactory, this time Alter emphasizes how things will turn out differently. The insider added The improvement was massive and only the comparison with the old models is impossible. In addition, the computer graphic artists are some of the most skilled in the industry, so it is reasonable to expect greater fluidity of movements. However, a foretaste of the CGI can be seen in the promotional image of the armored giant that was released during the MAPPA showcases.

As for you, what do you expect from this new season instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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