The comeback of the anime ofAttack of the Giants With the last part of the fourth and final season produced by MAPPA studio, it showed the devastating aftermath of Eren Jaeger's actions and the beginning of the war between Marley and Paradis. In view of the events, does it make sense to still speak of a distinction between good and evil?

This question came up immediately afterwards dangerous decisions of the protagonist, who intends to use the power of the primordial giant to stop the giants in a way that could be described as brutal. The beginning of season four prompted viewers to take a closer look at the lives of the residents of Marley and understand their perspective on the now inevitable conflict with Paradis.

This change of perspective caused the Marleyians to appear on the right-hand side, and in episode 76 the character Reiner is also portrayed as a hero ready to defend humanity from the danger represented by Eren Jaeger transformed into the attacking giant. Despite past events that portrayed Reiner as a filthy traitor and infiltrator, the armored giant now appears to be one of the best defenses against the Jaeger plan.

On the other hand, analyzing Eren's character, it's clear that he's no longer the boy who wants to wipe out the giants after his mother's death. Eren feels no resentment for killing innocent people To achieve his goals, he has become a cold man, capable of organizing a surprise attack on Marley's nation, posing as a soldier and leading a group of fanatics called the Jaegerists to spread his worldview.

This progressive development of Eren is certainly one of the most interesting narrative devices of the entire epic narrated by Hajime Isayama, as it creates a new level of uncertainty in relation to the protagonists. It also sets the stage for a conclusion that is difficult to predict, even considering the involvement of Armin, Mikasa, Hangee and Levi, Characters almost always stayed in the realm of good, but now had to get their hands dirty on the battlefield.

Finally, remember that Levi is between life and death and we leave you a video that explains the situation of the last season on Crunchyroll.

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