Attack on Titan is a superlative anime, and while Season 4 is extraordinary, it is not exactly user-friendly. Between the march of the giants, the power of the founder, the betrayal of some characters and the unexpected death of others It's very easy to get lostand since some information will be essential in the future, It's delivery time.

Below we will list all the highlights of season four, from Zeke's plan to the alleged betrayal of Yelena and Floch, although we have to limit ourselves to essential information for length reasons. Let's start.

  • Zeke's plan

In 852, two years before Eren's attack on Marley, Zeke devised a plan to rescue the Eldians who provides for the use of the march of the giants. Kind of a disaster no one has ever dared, the march plans to use the power of the founding giants (now in the hands of Eren Jaeger) to free the giants trapped within the walls of Paradise in King Karl Fritz the past and now in a dormant state. The giants were discovered by Army Scout One during the capture of Annie Leonheart, the female giant.

Zeke signs an agreement with Kiyomi Azumabito, Leader of the nation of Hizuru, promising her the resources of the Isle of Paradise and an important role in the future in exchange for an alliance and technological aid that Paridise will use to manufacture weapons and transportation systems and to win the war with Marley. The Giants' March is useful as a deterrent in this case, as no one would dare attack the island by showing the world their power (only partially releasing it and therefore not causing a disaster).

There is one problem, however: the march can only be used by a descendant of Fritz, and because of this, Eren cannot control it on his own. In the past, Eren has used power against the smiling giant Dina Fritz after coming into contact with her. The reason is that Dina was a royal descendantand because of this, Eren could control the giants. To overcome the problem, Zeke Historia suggests inheriting the giant animal and producing as many heirs as possible so as never to exhaust the offspring of royal blood. In episode 10 of Attack of the Giants 4, we see Eren reject the agreement and ask for a second way.

  • The attack on Marley and the future
A year later, Hange proposes a scouting operation in Marley to infiltrate and look for weaknesses. However, Eren decides to act alone after secretly meeting Yelena thanks to Floch's intervention. The conversation between the two is still shrouded in shadow, however Ten months after the incident, Eren decides to attack Marley .

In Marley, Eren meets Zeke privately and seems to accept his plan, although he was against it two years earlier. During the infiltration Eren asks Falco to send some letters to Paradiseand ordered the Scout Army to step in and help him. Hange agrees and prepares the armed forces, as the loss of Eren would mean the loss of two giants and the war.

Eren devours the giant hammer and forces Paradise to bring Zeke to the island, unleashing the wrath of the military. The problem at this point is that Paradise doesn't trust Zeke, but since Historia has become pregnant, it is not yet possible to kill him and pass the power of the giant possession to the queen.

The military locks Eren in a cell as they need to determine the true intentions of the Jeager brothers before implementing a plan. In fact, nobody knows what the two of them were discussing in Marleyand the fact that Eren does not communicate his real intentions is becoming more and more worrying. In addition, Yelena refuses to divulge Pixi's details, which raises suspicion.

In Episode 12 of Attack on Titan 4, Commander Zackley begins to believe that Zeke can control Eren and decides to kill him and hand the founder's power to someone else. The Jeagerists, led by Floch, They kill the commander by detonating a bomb in his officeand free Eren. Meanwhile, on Reiner's advice, Marley infiltrates Paradise and prepares a surprising counter-offensive.

Is everything clear now? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that episode 13 of The Attack of the Giants 4 will arrive in Italy next Tuesday on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video.

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