The popular voice actress Akari Kitou His official Twitter account was reported to have had complications in his mouth, particularly due to the appearance of ulcers in his gums. Β«Hell, I have about ten ulcers that popped up all of a sudden ... my mouth is a disaster ... will I die?β€œWrote the actress.

Voice actress You Taichiwho played ayanami in Azure Lane and Dorothy in Princess Principal, he answered: "You should go to the hospital now to find out what happens ... it's time for you to check yourself out. Ten ulcers are already a sensitive issueΒ». Kitou replied: Β«Is It Seriously Dangerous? I didn't know, but On the second thought, I've been very addicted to video games and painting my nails lately, and I probably didn't get enough sleep... I hope it's something that will be resolved by getting enough rest again ... Anyway, I'll go to the hospitalΒ».

About Akari Kitou

After graduating from the voice actor agency BenefitAkari Kitou started her career as a professional voice actress in 2014 and played a minor role in Sword Art Online II. Since then, he has played a variety of characters, including Sayu Tsukisaki in Re: stage! Dream days, Noa Himesaka in Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, Kanata Konoe in Love life! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai and Adachi in Adachi to Shimamura.

On the other hand, she made her debut as a solo singer under her own name and was associated with the company. Pony Canyon With the release of his first single entitled "Swinging Heart" on October 16, 2019, he has released three singles and a music album to date.

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