Act-Age, Weekly Shonen Jump and the Serious Scandal: Updates and Fate of the Manga

The manga has been published on Weekly Shonen Jump since 2016 Act-Age, recently arrived in Italy under the J-POP label. The 29-year-old screenwriter Tatsuya Matsuki and the 21-year-old designer Shiro Usazaki provide this atypical story about the world of actors.

The story became so famous that many fans asked about Act-Age's anime adaptation. Unfortunately, some news today forced a major setback and an uncertain future for history. Let's start from the beginning: the screenwriter Tatsuya Matsuki was accused of molesting some girls.

According to the latest updates, the Mangaka would have illegally reached out to some middle school students between the ages of 12 and 15 on June 18 in Nakano. The mangaka's destination wasn't just one, but he approached and then went away on his bike, but he was recognized thanks to some cameras.

Today the allegations officially arrived Matsuki appears to have confirmed it to the policeand that was followed by the announcement of Weekly Shonen Jump. In a press release and on social media, the magazine announced that once the facts were established, the necessary countermeasures would be taken. This means that Act-Age could suffer the fate of cancellation despite the popularity of the manga.

Those who follow the work know that it is far from over and that this would lead to a clear result. However, Shiro Usazaki is also involved in Act-Age, the young designer who, after some rumors, had previously broken off her relationship with the scriptwriter of her manga as much as possible. Since it is completely independent of the facts, Weekly Shonen Jump could exclusively entrust the series to her instead of suddenly ending it, bringing it to a better ending than sudden annulment.

This is certainly a heavy blow to the innocent cartoonist and also to the magazine that lost three of its most popular manga a few months ago Act-Age that grew rapidly and could have replaced her.

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