The mangaka Nomio Gyūnyū Recently, the current situation of manga productions was discussed with the topic "Loli", short for "Lolita Complex", a term that refers to the erotic subgenre of productions with young girls in Japan, which are often of prepubertal age or appearance Protagonists.

Nomio has actually published an interesting tweet on this topic that you can read about:

"It could be regulation, but in the meantime I've been drinking uranium [collega del mangaka]We talked about how Loli productions can no longer be published in traditional magazines. Ultimately, no matter how much they sell, they'll never get an anime customization, and if they can't get an customization, publishers won't want to serialize them. In the future, it may become impossible to publish products with Loli motifs. Loli is a market that is losing influence in the West, and Japanese industry naturally acts accordingly. "

Nomoa also spoke about Amazon US news. and the decision to prevent the purchase of various thematic e-books in the following words:

"Four years ago my manga Joshi Shougakusei Hajime Mashita P! Was removed! [da Amazon JP]and it was practically impossible to serialize it in a manga application. I think we'll see a steady increase in cases where a platform, regardless of country, chooses to impose restrictions based on their subjective ideas. "

Before we say goodbye, we would like to remind you that the creation of a new light novel dedicated to My Hero Academia has recently become official. In addition, it has been confirmed in the past few hours that Aggretsuko 3 will also be available on Netflix.

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