Even after many years, the Ghost in the Shell brand is still talking about itself. In recent years, the anime has returned to Netflix with a 3DCG product. The franchise is also expanding in the merchandising area thanks to a special collaboration that led to the creation of the Sake from Ghost in the Shell.

In cooperation with Kurand, information on the reason in question was published. As of April, and priced at 3850 yen (including tax), three types of products will be available. We start with that Motoko Kusanagi version::

  • 15.5% alcohol content;
  • Volume: 720 ml;
  • Taste: light and dry;
  • Concept: The ultimate sake to eat, made by a scientifically methodical distillery with a meticulous sake design. It has a faint ginjo aroma, but the strong taste of rice can be felt. The original label includes an illustration by Motoko Kusanagi;
  • Manufacture: Arinokawa Distillery (Fukushima Prefecture).

Then there is that second variant with a Batou theme::

  • Alcohol content at 18%;
  • Volume: 720 ml;
  • Taste: full-bodied and dry;
  • Concept: A full-bodied sake distilled by a passionate master distiller from Etchu-Yatsuo, Toyama Prefecture. Its full-bodied and clean taste goes well with well-seasoned dishes. The original label includes an illustration by Batou;
  • Manufacture: Tamaashi Distillery (Toyama Prefecture).

Finally, that The third and final sake from Ghost in the Shell is dedicated to Tachikoma::

  • Alcohol content at 16%;
  • Volume: 720 ml
  • Taste: full-bodied and sweet;
  • Concept: Enjoy the freshness and fruity taste, which is characterized by the aroma of freshly picked apples, a refreshing taste and the natural sweetness of rice. The original label includes an illustration of Tachikoma;
  • Manufacture: Hatsu Momiji (Yamaguchi Prefecture).

You continue to expand i Alcohol-based products for anime and manga characters. Ken the warrior also got his whiskey.

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