The cartoon series by ONE PIECE has - in the last episode - renewed its opening theme, which suggests the return of a character who has long since disappeared from the narrative's radar. Those who have rewound the topic over and over will already understand who we are referring to.

The character in question is Jinbe himself;; We see how he uses his main ability to manipulate water in a short-lived framework. At first glance, it's an end in itself In reality, however, this is the foreseeable confirmation of his involvement in future episodes of the series.

In fact, the openings often leave clues to fans by previewing characters that are relevant to the economy of history. But it doesn't end there, the acronym also suggested meeting two characters that shared multiple episodes back, Sanji and Zoro.

Due to the spread of Luffy's crew, The two have lost sight of the Dressrosa sagaSanji had spent a long time on Whole Cake Island to clear his past once and for all. In the opening we see them reunited, as has not happened for some time.

Would you like a return from Jinbe? What do you think will be his role in the current story arc? Tell us yours in the comments below.

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