We have to wait a week to find out what will happen in ONE PIECE 986. With all these characters and correlations, we can only look forward to what Eiichiro Oda will draw in the coming months. In the meantime, let’s review some of the events that have taken place in A PIECE 985.

We have known this for a few months Kaido has a son. The Emperor ordered Tobi Roppo to find him at the King’s suggestion. Yamato actually fled and hid somewhere in Onigashima. By chance the masked character meets Luffy and asks him to become a Mugiwara.

But because Kaido needs Yamato? The emperor’s plan was unveiled in ONE PIECE 985, where, while speaking on stage, he expressed his desire to conquer the One Piece and the world by acquiring ancestral weapons. In this way, however, Wanokuni also becomes a real pirate paradise in which his son lives Yamato will be the shogun.

Obviously, Yamato has no intention of following his father’s plans, since his dream is to set sail for the world, and for this reason, at the end of the chapter, he is seen angry with his father for what he said. Will we really see her in the crew next to Luffy? In the meantime, the ONE PIECE editor has been moved to the next chapter.

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