Warning! This review on Tokyo Revengers Chapter three contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ ニ メ 「リ ベ ベ ベ ジ ジ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

# 3 Dissolve

Tokyo Revengers Chapter three begins with Takemichi ready to face Kiyomasa. The fight results in a one-sided defeat for Takemichi, but he has no plans to give up. His determination touches his friends and before things get worse, Draken and Mikey arrive to fight. Toman leader Mikey takes an interest in Takemicchi and calls him his friend, confusing him and the rest. The next day, Mikey shows up at school and pretends to take Takemichi with him. Hina misinterprets the situation and confronts Mikey and Draken. Takemichi also stands up against her to protect Hina. The truth is that Mikey is a good guy and values ​​Hanagaki's courage. He also talks about his plan to usher in a new era for criminals. Meeting this Mikey makes Takemichi doubt what happened to him in the future.

Takemichi, the man

In the last episode, we saw Takemichi want to give up his mission, which is too big for his abilities. However, it didn't take long for him to reaffirm his goals and beliefs to get back on his feet. The final scene of the previous chapter was Takemichi's first desperate step towards his goal. Challenging Kiyomasa one on one was the only way he could think of to get closer to his goals because as long as he is just a slave he can never get close to Manjiro or Kisaki. To save Hina, he has to change the past, and to do that one has to engage with the Toman leaders.

Actually, Takemichi's reasoning is very simple, and it's not a bad thing because it works for him. What should really interest and excite us is the boy's courage. All it took was a single hit to understand the difference in skills. He knew from the start that there was no way he was going to win the fight. However, this did not make him withdraw, but caused him to stand up. This ceased to be a simple fist fight and became a battle of wills. When the winner became clear, Kiyomasa could never overcome Takemichi's will, a willingness to defend his 12 years of defeat and cowardice.

What Takemichi demonstrated was not power, but will. That was clear when everyone stopped cheering Kiyomasa and was speechless before our protagonist showed courage. Much like when he turned against Draken and Mikey on behalf of Hina, it's obvious he couldn't fight them, but that doesn't mean he would resign. It is these brilliant lightning bolts that have made someone as incredible as "the invincible Mikey" who is interested in him.

Takemichi's strength and true power lies in his determination and courage to face the impossible. That power to face the worst of situations, even when you die of fear and can't stop crying, this courage is no small matter and deserves recognition. Takemichi is undoubtedly a great man, he knows how to deal with his weakness and does not shy away from it.

Mikey, the charisma of a leader

A good counterpart to Takemichi would be Mikey, the leader of Toman, the invincible king. He's a charismatic type leader, sure he's powerful and has earned the respect of his subordinates with that power, but it's not all he has. When he appeared in the fight between Takemichi and Kiyomasa, he made a first impression of being imposing and even feared. He's not someone to get close to. Having Draken with us to remove the obstacles has certainly left us with a tremendous sense of superiority. He is definitely the leader of this group.

The next thing we learn about Mikey is that he's no ordinary guy, in fact he's pretty weird. He is strong and that only interests him in what gets his attention, everything else escapes his field of vision. Violence is the most common for him, he's not afraid to use it for anything, to break or prove his point. These things don't make Takemichi's first impression of him the best, but it's not bad either. He just seems like a crazy guy with too many quirks.

Your second meeting is when Takemichi and we, as viewers, form a better opinion of who Sano Manjiro really is. Although it is still a strange subject, he manages to convey his values ​​to us clearly and precisely. We have found that Mikey is indeed someone with ideals, that he is not just a strong man who has brought a group together under his command, but a leader with vision and purpose. He has an ideal that he wants to achieve, his interest is not only in the physical strength of others, mental strength and nobility are elements that he cannot ignore because they bring him closer to his ideal. His dream is to usher in a new era where criminals will not be labeled pathetic and regain their yesterday's pride.

Mikey is very influenced by his older brother, realizing that his ideals were set in the old days when his brother was a criminal and a very cool one to him. He clearly has a very romantic idea of ​​what it's like to be a criminal. His ideal only deals with the romantic side, gang conflicts, camaraderie, pride and responsibility. However, the term delinquent is accompanied by thicker things that don't fit Mikey's vision. This is why Takemichi has come to the conclusion that the Mikey he met cannot be the same one who will lead such a despicable gang in the future. Something must have happened and it will be his job to find out what it was and how it can change it.

Final comment

Tokyo Revengers Chapter three was an episode full of emotion, between Takemichi's determination and Mikey and Draken's debut, I don't know which was better. The adaptation work for this chapter was very good, it managed to take Takemichi down and make us admire him. Obviously Mikey is a unique character and his contribution was very cool, same goes for Draken, they both shone in their roles. Comedy is another strength that they have retained. Mikey's curiosities and Takemichi's thoughts are the necessary ingredient to make the humor of this series shine.

Before I close on this review, I just want to say that I loved Hina's participation. As a reader of the manga, I obviously already knew what was going to happen, and yet I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins as Hina hit Mikey. There is no doubt that she is an amazing woman who keeps her promises. She really has the determination to protect Takemichi just like she said before. And as something completely different, Kisaki's final appearance was everything I expected. One of the best bad guys has made it to the track.

Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ ニ メ 「リ ベ ベ ベ ジ ジ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter. Tell me, what did you think of this episode? Do you think Takemichi has already shown us the extent of his determination? What is your opinion on Mikey and Draken? What exactly will this new era of criminal Mikey dreams of becoming?


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