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Chapter 7: Attack

Help reaches Lara, who cannot move, but help is left behind by an Ackerman. The "hero" no longer wants to fight, to live less, while everything he fought for collapses. Pieck expects an illusion when suddenly a large explosion is shown, with which Levi defeats the beast. Blind revenge on Pieck, who has lost a soldier in his protection, attacks Sasha, only she was covered and Charge is defeated. Desperation seizes Porco, who attacks Eren and gives him the idea to consume Warhammer. He uses him as a nutcracker who consumes the blood of Willy's sister. Before the Eldiana is consumed, his old colleague enters the scene to be the hero.

Chapter Opinion

Outside of the controversies, which I don't care about the truth, it was a very good chapter, more action, but with its dramatic touch, although it wasn't felt that much for the musical environment or the picture. By "dramatic" I mean the crushing defeat of the Marleyenses. I would have loved to see Gabi's desperation when Beast was shot down and Zeke exploded and the entire group of people from Marleya were confused. It seems to me that it wouldn't have been bad. It doesn't seem to me that it was the best chapter, the most dynamic, yes. At least I feel like things were missing that got me gawking, but that doesn't mean it's a very enjoyable chapter. If I'm not mistaken, it seems to me that CGI was not used or at least minimally used because I did not notice it, so I imagine that heavily invested in this chapter.

Cain versus Goliath

Who do they support when they see a fight, the strong or the weak? Out of compassion, it seems to me that the majority support the weak because it is easier to relate to, because not all of us are gifted or not all of us have the opportunity. David defeated the giant with what he knew and had, just as Paradis faces Marley. Agility can beat brute force, strategy can beat power. How can a handful of soldiers win a well-equipped country? What is going on in Shingeki no Kyojin It is not an isolated incident or unreal, historical events confirm such an event. Trusted in their superiority, Marleyenses rested on their laurels and underestimated the enemy. Paradis has great merits.

Reiner, the man who doesn't want to live

A very interesting fact, which I don't remember when mentioned before, says Falco: regeneration works when the titan's user has a desire to stay alive. In either case, the regeneration is controllable, it is nothing that the user cannot handle, Eren has shown that. Now, after being rescued, Reiner has lost the will to stay alive, to fight, for which he was unconscious.

Reiner has a serious trauma, the encounter with Eren heightened his fears and made him realize his mistakes. Reiner lost the desire to live because he saw no escape, any attempt by him would be in vain and he is also doomed to die long before a normal person, why or why fight? What shaped the life of the "hero" were his constant defeats. To fight again is to lose again. Stop trying, he wanted to, but couldn't.

The mushroom

Those who have seen bombs explode, such as B. atomic bombs, will know that a kind of "mushroom" is created by the impact, the explosion and their expansion. It's strange that Armin created something like this because his hairstyle resembled that of a mushroom. Could it have been a warning that he was going to inherit the colossal? I doubt it but it fits like a glove and contrasts very well with its user. Bertholdt and Armin are not distinguished by the fact that they are aggressive and destroy everyone, but that they are passive and even calm without the desire to fight. A destructive force for such people is the smartest thing, because an impulsive one would use it very ruthlessly.

The most heartbreaking scene was to see Armin how everything was destroyed and to watch all the many innocent dead, including children. To have such power, you have to lose empathy in order to use it. After all of this there is no turning back.

Recklessness out of desperation

The character who fell worst for me in this chapter, but that doesn't mean he's a bad character, he's Porco. When he saw that his teammates were defeated, he despaired, anger seized him and he just wanted to end everything in one fell swoop, maybe out of overconfidence and revenge (maybe he even wants to be a hero). To carry out such an attack one has to be desperate, and despair leads to recklessness. You don't think about what can happen that leads to defeat. Of course this isn't always the case, but it was true with Porco. If the Marleyenses had been more careful, they might have a chance, but no. Jaw was used to break the titanium crystal and seal Eren's victory or part of his victory. Porco, you screwed up.

The Scream

The Scream It is a painting by the Norwegian Edvard Munch that shows, for the most part, despair, a silent scream that can resound within any of us. Screaming is a symptom of despair, fear, and help in certain cases. All of this came together at Falco and Gabi, who called Reiner. They scream because they are desperate, because they don't know what is happening even though they can feel it, because they feel like losers and want to win, they scream because they have no strength for anything else. A scream that, unlike the painting, does not drown in silence, but can reach the ears of the beloved recipient who no longer wants to go on, but cannot leave behind the people who represent the future for him that feels like family. In any case, he cannot leave the innocents calling and calling him as if he were a hero. Scream even when life is over.

I have a feeling the advance gave us one spoilerWell, I apparently read that the battleship is losing, although it is obvious. I would love to write more about Levi, but I hope it has a lot more meaning. Will the next chapter be the final fight between Eren and Reiner? We'll see, let's wait.


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