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Chapter 5: I will decide what is worthy of me

Saybil and Loux face the witch who has invaded the village. Without the "Staff of Ludens", Loux is unable to defend herself and her precious apprentice, so she is the first to suffer an attack. Saybil runs to her teacher's aid and thinks about how best to overcome this situation. After refusing the witch's offer, the young man begins to recite a spell.

Loux manages to interrupt the young wizard and prevent him from losing control. In doing so, the professor is imbued with magic, using it to cast a spell she has mimicked by sorcerers. However, the witch's identity makes such an attack impossible: Zero, "Witch of Muddy Darkness", author of the "Grimoire of Zero". It is the great revelation of Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki.

When all is lost and Saybil accepts her fate, Zero reveals it was all a test. All three students passed their respective exams, which saved them from certain expulsion. Youngsters are too talented, so a virtue test was necessary.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Chapter 5 Opinion

The arrival of the young magicians in the village was stormy. The situation caused by a test which, although necessary for the reasons Zero explained, was quite cruel to the poor students. But luckily for everyone, everything went well and nobody was really hurt. But the trauma, who takes it away?


Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki shows us the formal appearance of the cute witch Zero, protagonist of Null Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho, who will supervise the youth training. Also, the unexpected arrival of Ludo's idol has given the young beast a great boost to achieve his goal. Was the appearance of the "Dragon King of Destruction" a coincidence or a game played by Albus to encourage Ludo?

a great power

Magic is dangerous. The mess Thirteen made with the Grimoire of Zero proved it. For this reason, the Kingdom of Wenias' Royal Academy of Magic has adopted a method of evaluating the virtue of the most talented students in order to prevent the emergence of an evil magician. This is the true meaning of the special class that Ludo, Holt, and Saybil were sent to.

As you guessed in the last chapter, the academy actually wanted to expel you, but you were wrong about the reasons. A student with the same potential as "Moon Summoning Witch", Headmistress Albus, a young man so talented with the "Book of Protection" he would be practically immortal, and a boy with infinite magic whose life could span centuries. Three mages who could make the "Tragedy of the North" small.

In Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeikithe three protagonists have learned of their enormous potential and the tragedies they could cause if they choose the wrong path. Now that they have passed the exam, their virtue is guaranteed for the moment and it is time to live up to their teachers' expectations. In the company of his beloved teacher Lo, of course.


The story is taking shape and viewers have made it clear to us that these three are not just students. The story seems to follow a classic focus on the hero's path, where we will see the evolution of those who will be the shapers of the future. What future will these dangerous students build?

my dear students

Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki It ends with the not-so-surprising news that Loux Krystas will be staying to guide her students through a three-year special education. His reasons, of course, are the great affection he now has for these three. He wants them to grow and excel and he will support them in whatever they need. And, of course, beware of a great threat.

The beautiful Zero loses her powers. As a witch in this situation, Saybil could be her salvation, so Loux worries the witch has ulterior motives. As well as staying to support her little ones, Professor Lo will make sure the Grimoire of Zero author doesn't make any strange moves.

What happens to a witch when her powers are exhausted? The story doesn't make it clear, but it most likely means the witch's death. Loux herself mentioned that her life was extended when the "Staff of Ludens" absorbed a lot of Saybil's magic, and Saybil was even told that her life could be very long due to her infinite magic.

Anyway, when Saybil finds out about the situation of her beautiful teacher, Zero, it's very likely that she wants to help her. With training, he may be able to give her enough magic to live a little longer without risking her own life or repeating the tragedy of the past.

a damaged heart

I had a big surprise with Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki it was the revelation of Saybil's past. I honestly thought they would make us wait longer to reveal the character's sad past and the reason for his amnesia as well as his relationship with the lovable Zero.

A mother killed by a witch who coveted her power and the assailant herself broke up because she couldn't take the intensity of the ability she wanted so badly to steal. A dark life that came after, and the young man who blames himself for the tragedy. An extremely damaged heart that could only be healed if he forgot all about his past.


Was sealing his memories cruel or an act of mercy? Perhaps it was the best the precious Zero could think of to save someone so close to her. However, Saybil still has a bad habit of blaming himself for all the misfortunes that befall those around him. If they are not careful, this past could repeat itself.

a dangerous lineage

Another revelation from Saybil's past was her parentage. Given the images of the ending, I knew it would have to do with Thirteen, "The Wicked Sorcerer," but it never occurred to me that it was his father. How would the boy feel when he found out his father was a notorious magician? With his tendency to blame himself for everything, he might want to bear his father's sins.

I think there is something to comment on this revelation. The beautiful Zero has a habit of calling others by nicknames. Loux calls her by her nickname as a witch, sometimes shortening it. For his part, he called Holt "Horned Girl" and Ludo "Lizard". However, to refer to Saybil he only uses boy (Scania [少年]).

Pretty standard way of referring to a teenager, and very odd coming from the beautiful Zero. Perhaps this is how the pretty witch recognizes Saybil as part of her family, for the young man is the son of her beloved older brother. Maybe you were always looking for the boy but lost sight of him after the incident?

On the other hand, I don't know if Thirteen is the beautiful Zero's saber brother or not, but there is one line from the witch that catches my attention. "I see you have the same eyes as mine, boy." I thought he was referring to Saybil's emotionless look because he'd suffered so much, but now I doubt it. If you compare them, they literally have the same beautiful blue eyes.


Chapter 5 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki It seemed like an easy chapter in which the protagonists would meet their teachers and the people they would live with for the next three years. However, in the middle and at the end of the episode, a great avalanche of revelations awaited us.


On the other hand, the episode prepares us for the following events, where the education of young people will begin, as well as further friction with the "anti-witch faction". What is Albus planning by giving some students so much freedom? Perhaps their life in the so-called "Witch Village" is not so peaceful.

Anyway, now I ask you guys, did you enjoy Mahoutsukai Reimeiki? What do you think of Chapter 5? who has already seen Null Kara Hajimeru Mahō no Sho? Has anyone read the novel? Don't you think Zero is beautiful?

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