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Chapter 10: Snack time

Chapter 10 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki It picks up right where the previous one left off, with Kudo leading the prisoner somewhere. The young wizard takes the opportunity to question the boy's motives for attacking the village, only to discover that the prisoner has prejudices against wizards and beasts. This fits him like a glove as he sets out with Lilly to help her with her culinary experiments.

Later that evening, Holt, Kudo, and Saybil relax with their teacher, Lo. Showing them the impressive results of their training with Zero, Saybil displays much better magical control than the other two. The son of thirteen takes advantage of this moment to ask Loux for help with an experiment, and also makes a statement that causes the witch to fall on her back along with the chair she's resting on. "I like you".


The next day comes and Saybil is excited about the experiment he is conducting. Loux cannot hide his uneasiness at the young wizard's inability to measure distances. In the end, they continue with the experiment, but Saybil never misses an opportunity to tell her teacher what she likes about her.

Meanwhile, Holt and Tyrant escort Hearthful and his ilk to the river to fish as promised. They invite confused prisoner Kady over, so Kudo follows him to keep an eye on him. However, they underestimated the coolness of the anti-witch faction, and Holt, Tyrant, and Kudo must risk their lives to protect the children from yet another Remnant of Calamity.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Chapter 10 Review

In the witch village, life goes on as usual. Sure, the guard has stood up because of the anti-witch faction threat, but that's no reason to stop laughing. Well, the beautiful Hearthful once said, in this village nobody fears anything. Although I think maybe they're relaxing too much, don't you think?

These final episodes are packed with information. In Chapter 10 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki Not only did they show us the great development of Saybil as she improved with her magic and took an interest in a project other than housework. They also showed us Kady's motivations for hating both witches and beasts, as well as telling us about Tyrant's troubled past.


Without doubt Mahoutsukai Reimeiki tells us stories full of emotions that give each character a very interesting background. Of course, a tragic past shouldn't be an excuse for hurting others, but it can be an indicator of each person's ability to get back on the path to good. It only takes one chance.

It's easy to understand

Two characters starred in Chapter 10 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki. Kady and Tirano took up a lot of the screen time as there were even some flashbacks showing their past. Both, who were primarily enemies of the village and our protagonists, had their own motivations.

Let's start with Tyrant and his difficult childhood. As a child he lived surrounded by violence and for whatever reason he was beaten by his father. He always wanted to be a good and hardworking son, but his efforts were never rewarded. His work in the Trap Workshop surrounded him with even more death and violence, and his skills forged over the years were one of the reasons he was recruited by the "Arbiter of Dia Ignis".


Tyrant's life has always been surrounded by violence, and that was the only life he's ever known. The way of life that always seemed easy to understand. Of course, now that he is part of the group of protagonists, he will have the opportunity to use his talents not to make others suffer, but to protect others. A change in his life that he never thought possible.

Kady's situation, for her part, was a little different. A group of people ruled by hate only had to feed that of the young man himself. Suffering the trauma of the "Tragedy of the North" was the perfect ingredient for malicious people to brainwash him. However, it seems that he was stronger, although his end came before he had a chance to change.

Why are you suddenly so close to me?

Love blossoms in the village of witches. Not only do we have Zero and Mercenario (I Hate You Damn Cat) Couple of the Year and the suspect relationship between Father and Lilly, but other connections are beginning to form. We can't ignore Hearthful and Tyrant flirting with each other, but also Saybil's forbidden attraction to her beloved teacher, Lo.


So serious that young Saybil seemed! He didn't care about the age difference or the student-teacher barrier, he did it. The explanation was the funnest part of Chapter 10 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki, without neglecting Loux's reactions to the young man's enthusiasm. Although yes, it must be a bit embarrassing for the witch, more or less like Holt said.

I don't know why I was so surprised by this turn of events. The young man's inexperience and frivolous attitude in emotional matters is well known. In hindsight, of course, it made sense that he explained himself so casually, without an iota of emotion, and in front of his colleagues.

But don't get Saybil wrong, I think she has feelings for Loux. Although, due to his inexperience, he may confuse admiration or any other emotion with romantic love. However, I wish that wasn't the case. After such a long time, Loux deserves to receive a lot of love. Who cares if they call them Cradle Raiders! Although he has lived so long and has many decades ahead of him, he deserves and needs love.


Chapter 10 of Mahoutsukai Reimeiki it was pretty exciting. I love how the series manages to balance the comedic moments with serious and dark themes. At one point we see the characters doing classic comic book visual gags from western cartoons, and at another we see them murder a girl in cold blood. Isn't it fascinating?


Although this series had little media impact, week after week it leaves you wanting more. I know I will suffer a lot when I finish watching episode 12. But anyway, it's up to you to comment on this latest installment. What do you think of Chapter 10? Mahoutsukai Reimeiki? Do they advocate a relationship between Saybil and Loux, or are they defenders of good values?

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