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Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Chapter 3: Feelings / Illusions 2 / It's an Invitation to Lunch / Yakimo

Nakanaka approaches Tadano to help you understand better comicnow that they are friends who joins them yamai. Tadano asks them to say what they think they are feeling comic in different situations to which they end up competing. At the end of the day, comic She had noticed that they were watching her and she wanted to join them, so she Tadano manages to create a meeting between the four of them for drinks and stuff comic spend more time with them and vice versa.

The boys' second session, in which they voice their illusions about which girl in the class they would date, begins. start with a mine and the relaxed feeling it exudes, then talk about it Otori and their kindness and affection, and finally they present a historical drama scenario for comic. Until the same comic He arrives in the room and the session ends by withdrawing so his illusions are not exposed to others.

catai he's nervous about the invitation Tadano to have lunch together. After encouraging himself and talking to him, he is unable to finish and ends up leaving the room. TadanoWhen he saw that he was carrying his lunch box, he understood the situation and followed him to lunch together. comic She also follows them since she was worried Tadanobut joins them for lunch.

comic Listen to the truck Yakimo (Traditional sweet potatoes in Japan), so his father gives him money to buy some. Follow him in a kind of game of β€œred light or green light' until you reach your goal, buy five Yakimo. On the way home, comic meets with Tadanocaught his breath after writing a new page in his dark past. comic gives him one Yakimo a Tadanoand he invites them to go out and have fun together during the winter holidays.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 3
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Understand each other's feelings

Throughout the anime Tadano has shown that he is not just another character and quickly manages to understand what he is thinking comic little time to become his friend, in addition to a great ability to read the environment and "the minds" of others. Something that gets resolved in one of the moments that stuck with me the most in the manga, but that's still a long way off, so it certainly won't be adjusted Komi-san cannot communicate 2.

In any case, I can understand the reasoning Nakanaka to go with Tadano seek help to approach comic. I personally would have done the same. Although go straight to comic It would be an option, I don't think the conversation would flow properly without the help of an expert and someone who can give him some sense of calm. comic. By the way, it was nice for me to see the competition between them Nakanaka Y yamaiespecially since there is only one step from hate to love and the two have been showing signs of (non-romantic) rapprochement for some time now.

Tadano was also able to assimilate the situation with cataifrom realizing he was approaching him to ask him to have lunch together to realizing he was tense/nervous about speaking to him as a friend.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 3
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

In a way I feel like Tadano have a better ability to communicate with others Najimi. then Najimi It seems to me that it almost always β€œinvades” the conversations. Also, I prefer the cliche of thinking about someone reading my mind to being so obvious that the other person actually knows I'm thinking that. And of course the effect is greater when both understand each other, as in this case due to the "dark past" of Tadano it is easy for him to understand Nakanaka even if you use complicated words or slightly inappropriate sentences.

Tadanoin both seasons of "Komi-san cannot communicate' has become one of my favorite male leads. Although still behind sakuta. For his part Nakanaka I like his character more and more, with his expression and personality, he had more than one "crushing" moment. Stays just below the protagonist and by very little difference on my personal list.


I find the word "invitation" much easier said than done. Whether out of shyness, embarrassment, fear or nervousness, often the word doesn't come out and ends in remorse. However, there are times when it's so natural that it's inevitable. As in this case in Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 3 with the invitation of Tadano to Komi for fun during the winter break. In case of doubts whether to invite them or not, and on this occasion I even forgot the word "thank you".

Of course I won't deny that this whole meeting seemed like destiny to bring them together and create such a perfect environment for them. The signs of a breakthrough in your relationship are more than obvious. But they are still a long way from the final goal. At the moment, both are getting closer and without realizing it, they slowly take a fork in the friendship.

If we now talk about the invitation to lunch together, I think that in this case it is a very important first step. Considering the personality of catai plus his physical appearance the misunderstandings could not be missing. Personally, I don't have a comparable situation to compare the effort one had to put in catai invite Tadano, and even more, to be watched by his teacher. But I could definitely feel the nervousness catai through the scene.

Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

What Komi-san wants

As a quiet, shy, and somewhat mysterious protagonist, I couldn't help but join her. Nakanaka Y yamai trying to decipher the thoughts comic. The first seemed easy to me, with comic wanted to help but was prevented from doing so by the others because of the goddess status they had imposed on her earlier. I found that quite funny Manufacturer He took the ball and left without saying anything. It was a situation of being in your shoes comic would be confusing, but in those of an observer, such as TadanoI found it pretty funny. Although I can understand the motive behind the behavior of Manufacturerbecause of his personality. That moment, no matter how many times I see it, still makes me laugh.

I would have bet on the second comic he wondered how he could get into such a conversation. The third over the rainbow, I think that was obvious too comic I wanted to see the rainbow but couldn't because of the crowd. In the class of 'housekeeping' My answer would have been either Nakanaka either yamaiI wouldn't expect him to still be thinking about the rainbow.

But after all that competitive scene, I find the character out comic She again demonstrated the evolution she has achieved throughout the anime by being the one who approaches Tadano and company to ask them what they are doing and try to join them. something i think Tadano quickly understood and supported her because she was the one who took the first step, this time without his advice, as in the previous chapter with the visit ofcat cafe'.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 3
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Finally the illusion of comic. Personally, no matter how hard I try, I can't imagine a situation resembling his illusions komi-san. Although it definitely wouldn't be in a historical drama. The little I would imagine of the situation would be in a house with a more traditional touch, with the typical sound of bamboo hitting a stone after a water drain, and a fairly quiet setting with some birds in the background. In fact, I'm thinking like I would imagine in a marriage interview where they're both so nervous it doesn't move at all.

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