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Kimi zu Boku no Saigo no Senjou - Final chapter: The rise of a new world through the two

With the arrival of the Android to the conflict between Iska and Sisbell with the Masked Man and his companions. The imperial swordsman is in a pretty difficult position, especially because he does not swing his swords. However, Jhin, Nene and Mismis come to help. Give them their swords.

Jhin and Mismis hold back the masked man's advances and divert his attention from Iska and Nene when the two collided with the Empire's experimental android known as the "Object". Jhiny, the captain, successfully confronts a pure blood, but both sides are injured. But with enough advantage to drive back the pure blood. He didn't just destroy the evidence he'd gathered.

For their part, Iska and Nene confront the 'object'. Although they get favorable results at first, they find that it is not a normal "object" that is much more dangerous. So Iska separates from Nene so that she can help Jhiny Mismis with the evacuation of the area. But the swordsman is not left alone when Alice arrives to help him and find Sisbell, who has been captured by the 'object'. Together they manage to destroy the Android.

Kimi after Boku no Saigo no Senjou - final chapter
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When the worlds collide

First of all, I have to admit that the show has left a strange feeling throughout its broadcast that I hope I can convey as best I can with words. I honestly feel like one of those typical moments when the "teacher" teaches poorly. Those in which his teaching steps through onomatopoeia are mentioned.

I was already aware of this series before it was converted to anime. I know both the manga and the easy novel. However, when I saw the first animated episode in the series, I decided not to read any of the written work. After all, he had read the easy novel until Salinger's appearance and confrontation with Iska. As far as I had imagined, it would be adjusted by then. And because it seemed like a great way to end the anime. I was surprised when they animated the next arc.

While personally I would have preferred the ending of the animated adaptation over the Salinger Arch, I don't think the current ending to the anime was bad. I just think they chose between adjusting fewer arcs, but fairly detailed, or animating more arcs with minimal detail. Which led to more stereotypes being shown. Personally, I would have preferred the first option.

Kimi after Boku no Saigo no Senjou - final chapter
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On a quick comparison with the easy novel, I have to admit that the chapters of this novel are not very long or I didn't feel that way. However, they do contain some things that the animated adaptation left out that I think could have added depth to the anime's plot.

Mind you, I won't deny that I liked the layout of some sections in the anime much better compared to the original. Well I think they gave it better continuity. Without so many flashbacks that there could have been.

There were many plot holes in the plot that had the opportunity not to exist from the start. Some are pretty related to the characters. Every time they covered one, they created another, sometimes larger than the previous one.

Bad development

Honestly if you asked me what was the most negative point Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou I would definitely say it was character development. The only ones I saw a bit of development were the protagonists, all the other characters didn't even look like supporting characters, but extras that didn't need any development.

At first, the protagonists stated all the characteristics of a fantasy version at the beginning Romeo and Juliet. In contrast to the relationship of the characters in ShakespeareWith Iska and Alice I felt no "prohibition" in their relationship. Though technical it was. I felt that they had a lot of freedom. Not to mention their forced encounters almost every time.

I won't deny Iska's resemblance to KiritoHowever, I don't think it's a copy either. Kirito was a stereotype of male characters both aesthetically and mentally. Hence the existence of signs with 'Kirito complex'. But Iska, aside from their similarity in appearance, I don't have the feeling that he shares any other things with the protagonist of SAO. Maybe he does, but I don't see him as such because of the low development of this character. That in the animated adaptation, in the light novel, like another character with 'Kirito complex'pushed to the limit and tries to adapt to the plot of his series.

Both protagonists of Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou They have the same goal but do not form an alliance. Something that I consider to be one of the biggest mistakes because if it were, they would at least have a different evolution and not such a cliché.

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While the minor characters, as I mentioned earlier, I think they have zero evolution. Even its background. The characters are there, but they never present or give any clues about their past, which helps to know why they are in their particular situation.

The supporting character who I think has a similar reason most of all is Jhin. Just because he was an apprentice like Iska Crosswell. But with a "friendship" that I don't feel enough to accept being on the same team as the protagonist. Honestly, if Jhin was part of a different unit (keeping his past with Iska) the character would be a lot more interesting. At least he could see it as a match for Iska.

For his part, the character I hated the most Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou it was obviously the useless and childish Captain Mismis. In both appearance and mentality and personality, the captain has never shown that I am a character who deserves such an important role in the series. Not just his role as a supporting character, but also because of his rank within the imperial army.

The villains or antagonists did better in my opinion. However, they continue to lag behind in their background so that they feel well educated in the story. I understand the reasons for many of them to commit the acts they have done in the past, whether to defend others or out of sheer selfishness. In the end, they are not far from the minor characters.

Where did the study go that I liked so much?

A personal problem I had with the study Silver link. is the one with series that I really liked the animation when they were released. Although they didn't have a distinctive detail like that of Kyoto animation. Silver link. He has worked on a large number of animes covering a few genres so I can't say they are specialists in just one. However, it is not so Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou was the first anime with these genres that animate.

I was intrigued by the animation of the first episode of the series, but in the latest episodesthe quality is no longer the same as it was at the beginning. Even though they were above the acceptable, I felt in these last few chapters that they were on the lower limit of the acceptable. The animation of the fights no longer had the same fluidity. This added to the fact that the fights were fairly brief for the most part (the villains didn't last a chapter before being defeated) which ultimately ruined the epicity of the action scenes.

Part of me would like to say that the quality is due to the complicated situations that the world goes through. But it's been almost a year since it affected the anime industry in general. How long can I "excuse" her? Furthermore, it's not like this is the studio's first adaptation in this state, nor is it that all of the previous adaptations have been of excellent quality.

For example this year 2020, Silver link. aired two animes which I think had good animation: Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha and Hamefura. While we had the counterpart with poor animation quality most of the time last year: Kenja not a magician.

Despite recent personal problems regarding Silver link.Can't say this affects all of the other anime they've contributed to that I liked. So this is not enough to remove the study from my personal list of favorite studies.

Kimi's final opinion on Boku no Saigo no Senjou

I hope I've managed to express myself correctly so far. If not, I think a summary would be appropriate. I like the plot of the story, but I think it hasn't been properly adjusted to achieve its potential. The characters feel quite boring due to their lack of development, which may be more influenced by the omission of details in the adaptation. The animation started well but declined with the passage of the chapters.

With that in mind, my rating is for this anime 6/10. Hardly over as it really would be 5.5 but i rounded it up. This series had a lot of wasted potential. The ending as one of the bunch that I'll easily forget with future adjustments to other works isn't complete anime crap, however.

Mainly highlighting the clichéd moments and falling far short of my personal expectations Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou. Still, I don't think it's a mix of stories from other series. At no point did it feel like a copy of any other work.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend seeing it. Everyone has their own opinions and choices, but there are a lot more anime in these genres that I would recommend beforehand Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou. In fact, I think the right option to see it is that you have already completed all of the other options above. Switching from one genre to another, and, as well as in Youtube After watching it non-stop for 10 hours, check out a related option in this anime.

With that I don't want to discredit the easy novel or the manga. In fact, I would recommend these two works a thousand times more than their anime.

I don't expect there to be a second season like I don't mind. As almost always, it all depends on the sale of the Blu-Ray. But at the end of the season Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou It wasn't the best anime that aired each fall 2020 season.


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