Reservation! This review about Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapters ten and eleven contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then coming back to read the review.


Chapter 10

'Cause it's Mother's Day sacchi shares to Nagi his desires to give his mother a gift, Umino Namie, in addition to being invited to go with her. A Nagi It seems a little strange to her because she's never done anything like this before, but sacchi He says he will because when he left home he was worried about his mother. A gesture that indicated his maturity, well, a little.

When they got to the mall, they found a store selling Mother's Day items. But as many things as there were, none of them seemed like suitable gifts. So they finally decided that what she might like would be an apron name works in a restaurant. What is certain is that she likes it name they're humble, so it ended up being the perfect gift, especially since the gesture from both of them meant something to her.

Secondly, Erika met his mother Amano Ritsukoto share this day together. Ristuko ask him about it Nagi Y sacchiWhat Erika he replies that they look so good together that they should get married. After this meeting Ritsuko In the end he told his father on the phone, Amano Soichirowhat Erika told him. Because of this, Soichiro decides to pay him a visit.

Soichiro's visit

ErikaWhen she received the news that her father would visit her, she quickly went into the room of Nagi and practically dragged him out of the house. So after a long walk Nagi He decides to ask him what the reason for all this was. She tells him her father was coming to visit, but she didn't want to see him, thinking he was forcing her to come home, although she had no idea that wasn't the case. She also confesses that she was always running from him, so she decides that her chance to face her father had finally come, so she says it was time to go home. Nevertheless, Nagi Suggest going elsewhere.

At home, sacchi was the one who ran in Soichiro so they started talking. His interest is to know what is the relationship between Erika Y Nagi and this information was given by sacchi. So as a token of appreciation Soichiro He took her to a restaurant, but she had no idea that he was the owner of that restaurant.

"Their opposite personalities make them so compatible". Nothing is better said than these words sacchithat were part of his answer Soichiro about what I was thinking Erika Y Nagi and from the way she reacted, he could tell that although she ended up in denial of something too obvious, it wasn't making her happy. Then, Soichiro carries sacchi home and asks her to keep it a secret, and she agrees without hesitation.

In the meantime, Erika Y Nagi They have fun sliding down a small hill. See how much Erika enjoys something like that, sure, it shows she's the daughter of Yohei and Namie. Which is nice as this shows part of their life reality as they resemble their birth parents.

Chapter 11

sacchi He helps his parents in the restaurant and in the end decides to return home. However, it started raining and at home Nagi He's looking after her. The electricity goes out because of the rain and so on Erika What Nagi so be left in the dark with only the phone from Erika to pave the way, both stay close together.

As Erika He had never experienced such a situation before, his idea about the reason for the power outage is pretty simple and crazy because he thinks it's aliens. Nagi tells him it's nothing like that and that he'd get his phone in his room, but Erika She was too afraid to be alone, so she decides to accompany him.

the phone from Nagi it didn't have a battery and neither did Erika's battery, so they lit a candle. With just the light of the candle and alone to be the two Erika agrees Nagi that he doesn't dislike it that much, since a change of scenery wasn't that bad. She also states that she has had a lot of fun since meeting him. Change school, find friends Hirospend the days with it sacchi and experience new things like electricity. Then Nagi confirms and says she's having fun too.


Suddenly, Erika remembers that there is an emergency kit at the entrance and asks Nagi go to him but he doesn't allow him to take the candle because he's afraid of being in the dark. So Nagi He went to the entrance in the dark.

stand at the entrance Nagi slips, because there was a small puddle of water on the floor, which ended in a kiss between him and her sacchiwho came home after a walk in the rain, so there was a puddle on the floor. So because of the dark Nagi thought that's about it Erikaso it's starting to change.

Out of nowhere the power came on again and Nagi could see that he had kissed sacchi. However, when she saw it was her, she downplayed it and suggested forgetting it happened. But it was nothing sacchi I would forget so easily.


Even though Nagi behaved quite normally sacchi I didn't even want to speak to him. He actually didn't understand why she was acting like that, so he talked to her. Erika about that. After I explained what was going on Erika it was pretty obvious. He excused himself by saying that they were brothers so it wasn't a big deal.

Erika explains that sacchi she is no longer a girl. Then, Nagi He assures that it is because he has known her since she was born and that it would be very strange to have feelings for his little sister even if they are not blood brothers. So Erika she replies by asking if he could take a bath with her, obviously he says no, but Erika He claims the kiss was something similar. So that, NagiShe finally understands the magnitude of what happened.

Nagi's decision

at college, Nagi meets with Hiro to continue with his morning study. Nevertheless, Erika decides not to go. What Nagi recalls speaking to her in the morning and hearing her say there was too much tension in the house and that she should fix things sacchi as soon as possible.

to be lost in thought Hiro note the distraction Nagi and tells him that he would like to hear his problems. Nagi He tells her about it, but without going into detail, so she advises him to just apologize to her, since directness is his thing.


After thinking things through carefully, Nagi make a decision. He goes into the room sacchi and from the outside he expresses his thoughts. So he officially apologizes for taking the situation so lightly. He also tells her that although she will continue to be, he has decided not to treat her like a sister anymore, and will start treating her like a woman.

sacchi he accepts her apology and everything between them returns to normal...well, not quite.

final opinion

I quite liked chapter 10, more for the fact that at the end of said chapter Soichiro see a photo where he appears, RitsukoY Erika Y Nagi as children and announced that they had seen each other before. What I liked best was that he asked for cuckoo eggs. Now that you've raised the subject, it's a perfect time to explain it by starting by answering this question: what is a cuckoo?

Cuckoos are birds known to lay their eggs in other nests. They do this for other birds to raise their chicks to adulthood and it is usually smaller birds that take over. So how does that apply to Kakkou no Iinazuke? There are several questions, but the answers can be ambiguous when it comes to just opinions. In my case I can only comment.

What I think is that, in the moment when Nagi Y Erika they were switched at birth, in fact it didn't take long for both parents to notice this change, or they could even have been the ones who totally accepted that and agreed to do something like that, maybe to eventually unite their families point that's why she compromised. Therefore, this obligation was determined from birth. Or at least I think so. What do you think?

Regarding Chapter 11, I must say that I have been waiting for such an event, as I finally Nagi will take sacchi seriously, which begins a new phase worthy of a break as the next chapter will be #12.

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