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Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Kakkou no Iinazuke begins with a striking scene in which two babies are switched at birth as they are placed in the wrong cribs. We immediately proceeded to an opening that certainly caught my attention as I quickly focused my gaze on details that seemed truly pleasing to the eye. Each character was defined by a color followed by their appearance, which I liked because seconds before the anime title came out, all those colors came together, indicating its plot; So I see it as a subtle way of demonstrating what this anime is about.

We also have the opening song, Dekoboko, performed by singer Kiyoe Yoshioka. The song tells of opposites, the protagonists are a mixture of two completely different personalities; aptly, it's a song that automatically grabs you and immerses you in the history of this couple.

A stroke of fate

Now let's talk about what happened in that first chapter. Umino Nagi, is a bright and quiet young man who has always been different from the members of his supposed family. On the day he turns 16, he has a meeting scheduled to meet his birth parents, who would also meet his birth daughter.

Nagidetermined to outdo his rival, Segawa Hiro, the top of the class and thus second in class, decides to go to the library before the meeting. On his way he meets dear erikaa girl who appeared to be on the verge of suicide, which alarmed him and he rushed to her aid, unaware that he had misunderstood the situation, leading to a funny scene.

Like all good otaku, we know that the scenes where two characters bump into each other almost always end in a pussy grab or face upskirt of a girl where her panties are labeled. So this would not be the exception. Nagi at the end the chichi gropes from Erika, gets a slap in the face. Here they both start talking and Erika he tells her that he wanted to make it look like he was going to kill himself to prevent his forced marriage; so her parents would understand that she staunchly refused to marry just because they wanted to. So, Nagi He also tells her about his situation, that he was switched at birth and that he would meet his birth parents that same day.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 1

Erikadenotes that Nagi he's a smart boy who goes to a prestigious academy, he takes this opportunity to embark on a new plan; it makes sense Nagi pretending to be her boyfriend to screw up their forced marriage. For his part, he refuses to take part. Nevertheless, Erika has a video of him appearing to be touching her chichi, so he threatens to send the video to the academy he attends, prompting them to do so Nagi agreed to be her temporary boyfriend.

Then in a short moment where Nagi try to grab the phone ErikaShe takes a picture of both of them. At first it seemed like a good idea to send the photo to his parents so they would think they were dating since they were looking closely at the picture; but he reconsidered and insisted on taking another picture, but not before he'd drawn it Nagi to clothing stores to buy matching outfits. After taking several photos, none seemed good enough, and in the end he settled on the first photo. The reason is simple, it was the only authentic photo he had of both of them, which gave it more credibility.

Kakkou no Iinazuke Chapter 1

In the end, the parents of Erika I don't believe her and she suggests "doing it" though Nagi He sees it as something extreme. While they are talking, three people suddenly appear with the intention of disturbing them Erika. After confessing to being her temporary boyfriend, Nagi She hits one of them to stop bothering them and to defend them. Erika She is surprised and he tells her that her parents were juvenile delinquents, which explains a lot.

And so, Erika finds the solution to avoid her marriage, hits her fiancé; Nagi He motivates them without hesitation. Here they both say goodbye, not without first Erika tell him it's a pity their forced marriage wasn't with him. Although he later told her it was a joke. NagiInstead, he said he was sorry to have to turn her away, although she had already left to hear the latter.

Eventually he attended the meeting to meet his birth parents, Nagi He is surprised to find that not only had he been promised the biological daughter of his adoptive parents, but that this was actually the case ErikaShe was the daughter of what she believed to be her parents. Well, she didn't hesitate to fulfill the promise and landed a punch Nagi.


In the resolution of this chapter we have Nagi Arriving at the academy, where he eventually bumps into Hiro, his rival, and whom he warns he will beat in the next trial. The reason for his insistence is that he knows it Hiro She likes guys who are smarter than her, so how Nagi gladly HiroHe wants to get over her so he can confess his love to her.


On the other hand, sacchithe adoptive sister of NagiShe has feelings for him, but felt that this couldn't be allowed; but now that you know that in reality Nagi is not his brother sees it as a possibility and thus begins this entertaining story.


Last but not least, we have the closing theme Shikaku Unmai, performed by the musical group Sangatsu no Phantasia, which really exudes the diversity that is in each character. As you may have noticed we start with a very colorful beginning and on the contrary they give us an end with dark and gloomy colors.

Personally, I'm one of those who are excited about this anime and want to see the progression. I hope you will join us on this new journey that we will be sharing through this medium and I am as excited as I am to see more chapters of this particular anime.

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