Warning! This review on Horimiya Chapters seven and eight contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then going back to read the review.

Page 7. You are here, I am here

Horimiya Chapter seven begins with Hori and Company in the bookstore. Yuki is looking for a book, but at the same time wants to support Tooru, who is still a little sad about Hori's rejection. But Yuki isn't the only one taking care of Tooru, Sakura also begins to approach when he is making cookies. This makes Yuki a little sad and scared, who is unable to express her feelings honestly and openly, but it is not a hopeless case as Tooru still takes care of her. For his part, Miyamura has to be absent for a week, which leads to Hori discovering loneliness and fear or being able to see him for several days. Ori is concerned about her lack of femininity and tries to follow her friends' advice, but it doesn't work out. Even so, Miyamura comforts her and they both affirm their love by sharing more intimacy.

Page 8. Truth reveals deception

Horimiya Chapter eight begins with a dream about Miyamura. In this he sees himself in his school years, there he tries to encourage and comfort him and confirms that he will soon find special people. The chapter continues with an introspective about Remi in which he shares his love for Sengoku. We also take a look at their past and the beginning of their relationship. Meanwhile, Hori and Miyamura explore a new facet of their relationship when Hori discovers that she may be attracted to a more violent side of her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yuki runs into a bit of a dilemma when a boy confesses to her. Since she does not intend to go out with him, everyone agrees that it is better to reject him with the excuse that Yuki is already with someone. Tooru is the selected candidate.

Honesty, dishonest

It's only fair that we dedicate this first room to Yuki. In episode seven we could see her having an inner struggle between what she wants and what she expresses. According to Hori, Yuki is someone who doesn't say what he wants and the less he wants to talk about something, the more he smiles and turns away. Regardless of what we think is one of the most normal attitudes, we'd rather give up and give in than get hurt. Yuki is scared of meddling and getting hurt, which is why she gives up on things and deceives herself by repeating that it didn't matter that much. You've done this repeatedly, but you've come across something that doesn't work the same way. He can't just give up the feelings he has for Tooru. Even though you've tried, it doesn't work that way.

After watching the progress of Sakura, who has bravely tried to get closer to Tooru, Yuki can't help but look at her own mistakes. The biggest mistake many make in the presence of a rival is comparing yourself to them. When Yuki thinks about how honest and sweet Sakura is compared to her, he can't help but feel bad about his own "ugliness" of heart. But this feeling is different from the others, it's not something you can just give up. This change in his habitual demeanor is reflected in his quest to catch up with his rival. Even though she doesn't know how to bake, she still decides to compete with it. Of course, they are complete failures at first, but practice is what produces results. And as Miyamura said, no one is born knowing, it's something that takes effort, and everything that's worth it needs that ingredient.

Share the heat

The relationship between Hori and Miyamura continues and episode seven gives us two new lights for their love. First, we have Izumi's extended absence. Both have got used to each other's presence, whether in school or outside, they are usually always together. Therefore, every five days, they understood the loneliness of absence. This was seen especially from the point of view of Hori, who was overwhelmed by habits and the weight of absence became much more unbearable. Perhaps that was why their reunion was so passionate that they both had a lot of repressed feelings.

With this in mind, we can understand that the relationship of both must necessarily change at the rate at which their feelings do. With the two coexisting so often, it's normal for there to be things that just happen naturally. When there is love and passion between two people, it is normal for the moment to come when they want to share the warmth that exists between them. Both Hori and Miyamura could not suppress their own longings to be together. If you ask me, I realize that in episode seven they both took a giant step in their relationship by sharing their bodies and giving way to a new intimacy. An intimacy that their relationship already required is evident in episode eight, where we notice greater trust and a more intimate and natural closeness between them.

In their advance, they may have sinned because they were not overly careful, because while it is not entirely clear, it is implied that Sota knows what happened. Fortunately, Miyamura deals well with it, making him realize that even though they keep moving forward in their relationship, it doesn't mean he will lose his brother, on the contrary, he wins a brother and no one will leave him alone.

A new perspective

Just like in Chapter 8, let's put a little asterisk to talk about Miyamura and his progress. Izumi was never anti-social from the start, but needed extra help to get a place. We saw before that these special people to him are Shindou and Hori, the latter managed to be even more special than his friend. Thanks to her, Miyamura is now able to see her past and "forgive" herself. This consolation that we receive at the beginning of the eighth episode is precisely intended to understand the change in Izumi.

He is no longer the melancholy boy who cannot integrate. Now there are people around him who care for him and appreciate him. It is time to let go of your burdens, although it does not mean that everything will automatically be overcome. It is only the beginning of his own growth, now that there are so many people who love him, it is time for him to do it too.

Weakness to love

In addition to the Horimiya, the pairing of Remi and Sengoku also deserves its own recognition. Although in episode eight we really got to know the origin of their relationship, in episode seven we could already see the quality of their feelings. In chapter seven, Sakura asks Sengoku about his love for Remi and gives her an initially awkward answer that has great significance when put together with what he saw in chapter eight. According to Sengoku, his love for Remi lies in his instinct to want to protect her, not because she is weak, but because she is valuable to him. It's a cute statement and it'll be adorable when we put it together with Draw Feelings in the next episode.

For Remi, Sengoku is someone who has many weaknesses and yet tries to compensate for them. She is aware of his weaknesses, but loves him because that doesn't stop him, even if he is weak or has no confidence, he tries his best to be better for himself and others. In fact, it is this sincerity that made Remi fall in love with Sengoku from the start. Well, he was different from the others who just saw a pretty face in her or felt superior by belittling their best friend. It was refreshing for Remi that Sengoku wasn't treating him particularly well and that he was just as open with Sakura at the same time.

Remi and Sengoku's couple love me because they're so cute together. The concern and sincerity that they express for one another deserves admiration. It must also be said that they both look great together.

Some things

If Remi and Sengoku are the most adorable couple, are Hori and Miyamura the weirdest? It's really not like that, there are things that only couples can understand, tastes, signals, interests, etc., so it's not so strange that their new abuse game is incomprehensible to the rest. It's possible that even Hori doesn't understand, let alone Miyamura. Although it is easy, Hori likes the gap, seeing a completely different behavior in the always calm Miyamura is something that even gets exciting. Don't try to spin too much, it's not that she enjoys being abused, it's the comfort of the game that makes it enjoyable.

But they're not the only rare couple as Yuki and Tooru have become a couple at the last minute who pretend they are. The strange thing is that Yuki, true to her plebeian tastes, prefers a meal together over a luxurious one. Although Tooru is a great boy and not ugly, it is obvious that Yanagi is a lot more attractive, and what is better, he really only has one interest in Yuki. But in no way, just as Yanagi feels only affection for Yuki, she only feels affection for Tooru. "Wherever he sends captains, he does not rule sailorsThat is, it is not required in the heart.

Final comment

Horimiya Chapters seven and eight were very entertaining episodes with good moments for thought and laughter. I think that in terms of narrative, they continue to sin from the same lack of rhythm as the previous ones. It must be said, however, that in a matter of art both chapters are visual gems. The work that has been incorporated into the color scheme is commendable. There are many moments when emotions are only transmitted through the change of light, and that is something exemplary. I also have to say that the small changes within the opening are perfect and even more highlight the visual work that was already a work of art.

Before I close on this review I want to make a little claim, it's not serious, but I felt ugly that they changed Hori's sentence when he told Tooru how to act like Yuki's friend. She originally suggests that he nibble on Yuki's ear to mark his territory, and while it's not that different from her suggestion to get flirty, it's a more forceful act. In short, we have everything and we have nothing.

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So far, I leave you the usual questions: What do you think of these chapters? How do you rate the progress between Hori and Miyamura? Did you like the portrayal of the relationships between Sakura, Tooru, Yuki and Yanagi? What do you think of the love between Remi and Sengoku? Why is Abusive Miyamura So Exciting?


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