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It is possible that We are kudasai, a page devoted to the culture of manga and anime, would be the last place to look for a review of a. would seek Players chair. However, the current times and the COVID-19 pandemic have brought with them a concept that has become law for many: Home office. Working from home for a full day in a location other than your office can sometimes be suffocating, and while you may find it nice to work from home for the first few days, after eighteen months in detention it becomes increasingly difficult to Before you sit down to sit down the computer and get to work.

This is where the need for a comfortable chair comes into play. Sure, you might as well choose one Office chair and use it from then on. But there is something to consider and that is that you will not only use this chair during work, but also during your leisure time you will surf the Internet, intensify its use and eventually reduce its duration of use. I did that and after only a year of working from home (write for this page), the poor Office chair he is completely exhausted, with sunken cushions and no longer differs from a traditional wooden chair.

A brief introduction

This is where it comes in E-WIN, a manufacturer and distributor of Gaming chairs who contacted us to write a review for one of their products. Fortunately, I was chosen for the job, and while I'm definitely not what you want a "playerโ€œI know how important it is to have a comfortable chair today. The product in question is "E-WIN Knight Series Ergonomic Office Gamer Chair Computer Gaming with Cushion - KTD", Which has a regular price of 6,699 Mexican pesos ($ 336.41 at current value). However, the website is currently running a promotion so the price is 5,999 Mexican pesos ($ 301.25 at present value). (But don't go there yet, there is another surprise about the price).

Without going into the product evaluation, however, I have to say that I am more than amazed at the speed with which the product reached me. You might think that an item given away for free in exchange for a promotion would arrive a few weeks after being classified as a low priority. But it didn't happen that way! Less than two days after the deal is closed E-WIN gamer chair I've already been home. The dispatch took place through Dog Expresswho delivered the box to me in excellent condition.

About the product

Now let's comment on the product in question. If you've read the name, you've probably noticed that the company "Office player chair", taking into account what we commented earlier: Nowadays, not only gamers need these types of chairs, but also office workers who work from home. I have to say the difference from that Office chair which I had before is miserable, mainly because of the ability to calmly change the incline of the backrest for a moment and check your smartphone or read a manga, and the lumbar pillow that definitely solves a lot of problems (It is located in the lower part of the back).

He's had it for a year Office chair Traditionally, there have been no major complications in putting it together so the general public shouldn't have a problem in this regard. Remember, the instructions are for reading, do not ignore them. It is worth mentioning that a pair of cloth gloves is also included as an assembly accessory (in addition to the prescribed Allen keys for screws). And although you don't know at first how important the gloves are, you notice that if you stained your fingers with the oil from the gas spring, you understood its function too late. Don't Make the Same Mistake!

I don't have much to say about this chair other than that there is a noticeable difference from the one I had before that a Office chair normal. If you work from home (and they will certainly continue to do so, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on for a long time, at least in my state) or if you are taking courses online, definitely the product line E-WIN gamer chair they are your best option. The office chair I bought a year ago cost me around 3,000 Mexican pesos (approx. 150 current US dollars) and in no time the gas spring had already failed, so that I could no longer adjust its height. Fortunately, this did not happen with this product, because from its official website ( assure us that all elements have a guarantee of safety and manufacturing quality.

SomosKudasai discount code and considerations

As I mentioned earlier, I spend several hours a day sitting in front of the computer writing articles for this portal, which in my opinion is no different than sitting, playing video games or broadcasting live. Because of this, I don't think this review is intended specifically for gamers, but for all those manga and anime fans who are currently working from home or taking online classes and who may not have realized the importance of Having a comfortable chair specially designed for constant use.

You can download the product catalog from. see E-WIN gamer chair in this link (, where you can see the wide variety of designs and sizes available for yourself. The chair I checked is part of the line "E-WIN Knight series", And you can choose from a variety of available colors (In my case I chose red as the photos show) according to your requirements. The shipping policy of E-WIN is available at this link ( and indicates that ยซOnly people who live in Mexico, the United States, and Canada can register and shop at this storeยป.

Finally, remember when I told you that this chair is currently priced at 5,999 Mexican pesos ($ 301.25 at current value)? Well, actually, this is for the general public. Readers of We are kudasai Have access to a discount code: we are kudasai. Once you have this code in the "command"That is, the payment, You have access to an additional 20% discount on every product!. So the price is the Players chair which I reviewed cuts down a lot to just 4,799 Mexican pesos (about $ 241) in the end, don't miss this opportunity!

According to the FAQ section (frequently asked Questions), E-WIN currently only has payments in a single issue through services like PayPal or in cash OXXO, so be sure to keep this in mind when thinking of getting a Players chair this company. That's it for this review! I hope that with all the current promotions and our discount code you will get a lot so that the hours in front of the computer don't ruin your back in the long run.

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