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Episode 06. Killing Denji

CHAINSAW MAN Chapter six begins with the group of devil hunters finding they can't escape from the eighth floor of the hotel. As time goes by, the panic increases as it becomes increasingly unlikely that anyone outside will be able to help them. In the middle we have a flashback to when Himeno and Aki first started working together. The situation soon becomes more critical when the demon holding them offers them a contract in exchange for killing Denji and handing over his corpse. However, this isn't a deal Aki will accept, despite the others' desperate attempts to try. In the end it is Denji himself who faces the demon who has declared himself the demon of eternity.


inside the Möbius strip

The first mission of our new and strange group turned out to be a bit more complex than expected. Aside from having to contend with a powerful and confrontational demon, they eventually fell into the jaws of a cunning demon that is undeniably terrifying in its own way. The self-proclaimed demon of eternity is a demon that frames a very peculiar fear. Well, as eternity is desired, it is feared in equal measure. Nobody can endure the endless lethargy, the feeling of waiting and the great emptiness that comes with having all the time in the world.

A distinctive feature of this demon is its portrayal: the corpse that grows and doubles in size, the eighth floor, and even time stands still at exactly 8:18. All clearly connected to infinity. Even the spatial distortion that occurs on the eighth floor is clearly a deeply artistic view of the Mobius strip, which is a non-orientable object that is difficult to understand. It's not hard to imagine how Kobeni and Arai are a little off balance in this situation. While it's not portrayed quite well on the show, we can't fully emphasize their desperation since we don't really know how long they've been inside.

Continuing with the details, we can see that this demon of eternity has knowledge of our protagonist. What can only be explained as reinforcing the idea that there is some communication between the demons and Denji's situation is unacceptable. In particular, there is no succinct reference to the evil implied by his situation. But at least it's clear that he's been marked as an enemy to be eliminated. But the fact that a demon as powerful as Eternity can't do it alone only means that there are certain circumstances that protect Denji to some degree from attacks by other demons.


The comrades we need

Aside from the devil, another aspect to highlight in this installment is the vision they have given us of the camaraderie that can be formed between the devil hunters. As a first example, we have the relationship between Aki and Himeno. Where we see that she has suffered many losses, she cannot help but cling to her partner when she feels she is close to loss. Himeno's bond with Hayakawa isn't superficial, both have been through various struggles and understand each other's motivations. Although Himeno appears to be composed, it wasn't long before she revealed herself as someone more fearful than expected. His affection for Aki is heavily influenced by his fear of abandonment. Losing so many companions has left her with severe consequences, to the point of being paralyzed after seeing Aki wounded.

Then we have Aki himself who, despite being a rather composed and matter-of-fact person, doesn't allow himself to do anything for his interests and does the same without thinking about it. We can't deny that your decision not to extradite Denji is the right one. However, using your own body as a shield wasn't best. Of course, in this situation there were no other options, after all, Aki fully understands the need to have more companions in his fight. Knowing the Weapon Demon's power firsthand, making sure to have more Felhunters to count on when the showdown comes is no mistake. His choice isn't cheesy camaraderie, it's a calculated, results-driven choice. In that sense, Denji's decision to face the demon doesn't seem like a mistake either. It's more of a validation of Aki's own decision to keep him alive.

Final comment

CHAINSAW MAN Chapter six, it's been a very busy episode. Not only because of the narrative rhythm, but also because of the built-in action sequences. This episode presented us with several conflicts between the characters, but it didn't lose sight of the main fight against the demon of eternity. This is a great success in terms of the narrative rhythm of the chapter. As for the visual part, there are good points in terms of the action sequences, but there were also a few moments that weren't very pleasant to watch. But in general, good triumphed over imbalance.

Before we close with this recap, let's talk about the end of the week, this time it's about "Daino-teki na rendezvous" responsible for canaries. With melodic rhythm, but what really stands out is the visuals, which maintain references to the art of MC Escher. Of which we highlight the obvious, his work”relativity’ from 1953. But we cannot help but think of other works such as ‘Eye' from 1946 or 'band without end' from 1956.

As far as the review goes, I'll leave the usual questions: What do you think of this chapter? Do you think you can survive the demon of eternity? Why do we have to be angry about Kobeni again? Could Power Really Deserve His Nobel Prize?

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