During its decades of publication, Berserker has been a source of inspiration for many. From Dark Souls to Elden Ring, to mention first-level exponents in the world of video games, to many other manga and anime with a similar theme and a great deal of brutality.

But from whom and what did Kentaro Miura draw inspiration from for Berserk?? Let's see all of the mangaka's inspirations that made a powerful contribution to his great job.

Obviously, much of the inspiration comes from medieval Europe with all of its battles, castles and armor. Miura was inspired by the Spanish architecture of the time, based on the Coca Castle in Segovia, the Alcazar Castle also in Segovia and the Church of San Martin de Tours in Fromista.

Part of his world is due too on the influence of films like Hellraisers and the name of the rose, as he himself revealed in an interview in 1996, but also older works such as the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and the stories of Excalibur have shown their effect. The Japanese world has contributed with Guin Saga, a long work by Kaoru Kurimoto, but also with Ken the Warrior and Violence Jack, who have contributed to the dark world of Berserk on a graphic and stylistic level.

In the end, Berserk also saw some scenes inspired by Western paintingslike the Garden of Earthly Delights by Hyeronimus Bosch and many others. A cultivated mangaka that has fished from all over the world to make his work stylistically unique.

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