Many years have passed since publication trigun, the manga that made Yasuhiro Nightow famous. After a brief release, it was then moved out of the magazine in preparation for Trigun Maximum, the actual sequel, which was completed in the 2000s. However, nothing more was known about Vash the Stampede from then on, and the author moved on to other projects.

However, there were some works under the radar that led to the creation of Trigun Stampede, the new anime that was also overseen by the manga's author. Yasuhiro Nightow had already said something during the unveiling, but now new details about this production come to him with a long comment.

"Trigun Stampede. Trigun is coming. It's not a "come back". Comes'. The typhoon that started 25 years ago has never gone away. It gained time like a gentle wind, met a young singularity, and became a tornado. After an enormous amount of analysis, renovation, renovation and reinforcement, it has grown into a tornado with an enveloping energy that surpasses all levels.

"Finally the time has come. Finally I can show you this beast. You will witness a vivid novelty but an impossible trigun unrecognizable. Trigun will always be Trigun, no matter how revised it is. Perhaps it is because the employees understand and protect the core of this work. I'm proud of this tenacious work, if I have to say so. You are ready? Get ready for Stampede.”

Yasuhiro Nightow is therefore very excited for the anime Trigun Stampede, do you agree?

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