On the official Twitter account of the magazine editorial team Manga Time Kirara from Houbunsha It turned out that the second compiled volume of the manga was written and illustrated by Hisamakumako, Ichijouma Mankitsugurashi!will be released on February 25th. This volume includes some purchasing benefits for various stores, including an illustration in B2 format (500 × 707 mm).

The editors also reported via Twitter that sales are developing more than satisfactorily: «The second volume by Ichijouma Mankitsugurashi! It will arrive next February 25th, but the first volume will be reprinted! Thank you everyone, we have already reached the fourth reprint!'Wrote the account.

Some users on Twitter tried to create controversy over the fact that Manga Time Kirara, a magazine that mainly hosts series of the genre Piece of life Y. moe, publishes an ecchi manga series and promotes this type of content, but it has not been played on social networks. However, some pointed out that it is unusual for the magazine to publish a paper entirely devoted to ecchi, although some other previously published series, such as: New game!, use the resource occasionally. It should also be noted that this journal is about demographics hisso it is aimed at young adults.

On the other hand, Hisamakumako began publishing the manga through the magazine Manga Time Kirara in May 2018. The publisher published the first compilation volume in November 2019, the second comes more than a year later.

Synopsis of Ichijouma Mankitsugurashi!

High School Girls in a Manga Cafe! Meiko is a girl from a rural area in Japan who is enrolling in an upper class girls' academy. All your expenses are covered as long as you meet one condition ... not only that you work in a manga cafe, but also live on the premises! However, it seems that the situation is more favorable than I thought ...

Source: Otakomu

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