The fourth season of The Attack of the Giants ended on a sensational twist and unfortunately, before we see the anime conclude, we will have to wait for winter 2022. With over a year to separate from episode 17, this is legitimate to ask yourself: Is it worth regaining the manga? And if so, where do I start? So that we understand each other.

Episode 16 of The Attack of the Giants 4 adjusts chapters 115 and 116 of the manga with the titles "Support" and "Created" and is part of volume 29. However, Chapter 115 has been cut almost entirely from MAPPAprobably as a matter of speed. The deleted scenes will certainly be shown in the second part of the season and reveal in detail the fate of Levi and Zeke after the explosion of the thundering spear. The rest of the season was almost entirely a 1: 1 implementation. So, if you want to read on, this is enough to skip to the beginning of Chapter 115.

As for the quality of the work, Isayama's designs have improved a lot since 2012and some panels are objectively impossible for the anime to reproduce. Overall, the MAPPA series remains the best way to see the final part of the story, especially due to the exceptional music by Kohta Yamamoto and the exceptional work of the speakers, but in case you just can't resist, you don't have to worry as the manga is of exceptional quality.

We remind you that The Attack of the Giants will end on April 9th ​​with the release of Chapter 139 and that the series will be distributed in Italy by Planet Manga. Currently 32 of 33 volumes are available, the next one will appear shortly before the summer season.

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