DC Comics is one of the most popular publishers in the world, best known for a trio of superheroes. The famous triad of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are among the most popular with the American public, but these heroes have rarely found their way out of their habitats.

There are some fans who have imagined Superman in the anime world with fan-created illustrations, but officially at least very little has been done so far. That's because Kodansha Publishing announced the arrival of Superman in the world of manga.

The fortnightly magazine Seinen Evening announced that the manga would begin "Superman VS Meshi“, Written by Satoshi Miyagawa and drawn by Kai Kitago. The writer is the same as in One OP Joker, a manga dedicated to Batman's enemies, thus expanding his collection of DC Comics-themed scripts.

The first chapter of the manga will appear in the evening # 14/2021 of June 22nd, 2021 and see the entry into the area of ​​a very special enemy for Superman: Japanese restaurants. As you can see in the preview in the tweet below, Superman has prepared himself with chopsticks and a bowl of rice. Certainly not what many readers would have expected from Superman, which will obviously be more weird than serious.

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