A few weeks after the end of the first course of the anime, the well-deserved success came Spy x family keeps making noise. Recently, a veteran mangaka celebrated Tatsuya Endo's work by drawing the protagonists of the spy comedy with his very personal style.

With regard to Comiket 2022, the world's largest comics event, to be held in Japan on August 13-14, the author said Kenichi Sonoda made a sketch that pays homage to Spy x Familythe hottest series of the last few months.

Spy x Family is the public's favorite series and it's not surprising that the veteran wanted to dedicate his work to Sonoda as a tribute to the Endo series. The sketch of the Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean mangaka has portrayed Anya and Yor in their own style. The two women of the Forger family look like the protagonists of a series from the nineties. It is not the first time the work has been subjected to such treatment. Here is a Spy x Family fanart in a 90's version.

That Kenichi Sonoda's beginnings date back to 1984, as a character designer at Artmic. In 1991 he worked on Gunsmith Cats, his most famous work, and in 2004 on the sequel Gunsmith Cats Burst. At Comiket he will promote the Megaton Punch series.

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