In most cases, a manga ends because it no longer has the public's favor and is therefore forced to close the publisher, or because the mangaka believes it has told everything it had to say. The case of Somali and the forest spirit Unfortunately, it doesn't belong to either of the two options.

The Yako Gureishi's manga was very popular at home, so much so that he also received an anime published on Crunchyroll. Somali and the Forest Spirit had great success in the animated version too, and this was the best clue considering it made its debut with Planet Manga in Italy over a year ago.

Around the same time, the author Yako Gureishi was forced to discontinue Somali and the forest spirit for health reasons. The magazine announced the entry into an indefinite pause and waited for Gureishi to recover. Unfortunately, Coamix had to announce this today, December 23rd, 2020 Somali and the forest spirit were permanently annulled.

At the center of this choice are the Yako Gureishi's health seems to have deteriorated in this year's break. The choice was therefore forced but still very sad, in the hope that the mangaka will recover and come back with a new story.

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