The manga series Oneechan ga Kita, which is written and illustrated by Riko Anzai, concluded yesterday with the publication of its final episode in the magazine Manga Life. The editorial Takeshobo It will publish the compilation volume number 15 and end of the manga on July 28.

Oneechan ga Kita

The manga began to be published in 2010 through the magazine Takeshobo's Manga Life magazine. In 2014, the series was adapted to anime by C2C studios with a total of 12 episodes.

Synopsis for Oneechan ga Kita

The story revolves around Tomoya Mizuhara, a 13-year-old boy whose father remarries and who thereby earns a new older sister. Ichika is 17 years old and a bit weird, and her love for Tomoya is somewhat exaggerated if not terrifying.

Source: ANN


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