Usually the magazine Weekly Shonen Jump announces the lack of a specific manga in advance. In this way, readers know which works will be featured in the next issue. ONE PIECE fans know this mechanism well, while it rarely occurs in other mangas. However, it happens that the authors are forced to take unforeseen pauses.

My Hero Academia readers are waiting for Chapter 308 to be released on Sunday April 4, 2021 in Weekly Shonen Jump # 18 and on MangaPlus. But from the Shonen Jump app The release of My Hero Academia is reported for April 12th, so skip next week.

This could mean that there was one unexpected break for My Hero Academia, as Kohei Horikoshi cannot present the chapter in time. When these unexpected interruptions occur, MangaPlus usually reports them in advance, while this time the European platform does not show a date change.

However, it should be mentioned the most recent case of Black Clover, the date on MangaPlus despite the unexpected interruption it wasn't changed until later. We will therefore have to wait for the first leaks from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to find out if the manga My Hero Academia will really stop. It may take a little longer than expected before Deku is back in action.

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