On the official Twitter account for the magazine line Time Kirara manga from the publisher Houbunsha The cover of the magazine's July edition was published, which in turn is the twelfth edition since the magazine's publication began.

The cover includes four of the most popular series that have been published in the aforementioned magazine, which include Yuyushiki, K-ON! Shuffle, Slow start and Acchi Kocchi. This edition will also include an additional commemorative brochure.

For its part, the Manga Time Kirara magazine by the Houbunsha publisher focuses mainly on the publication of yonkoma manga (four panels). The magazine is sold on the 9th of each month and was first published as part of a special issue of the magazine. Manga Time, from the same publisher in May 2002. The magazine's characters once starred in a role-playing crossover video game titled Kirara Fantasia.

Source: @mangatimekirara

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