Published from July 202 in Shonen Jump +, Shueisha's digital magazine, Kaiju #8 was able to quickly conquer many readers and climb the ranking of the most followed manga. After several rumors and leaks regarding the announcement of an animated adaptation, the first official confirmations are finally starting to arrive.

Since the publication of a rather curious post on the series' official Twitter page, many fans have been speculating that on March 5th Confirmation of the production of the anime. Given the popularity achieved by the story of Hibino Kafka, which among the published works became the fastest series, reaching one million copies sold Shonen Leap +implementation was inevitable.

Currently, the confirmation has been reported by user @MangaMoguraRE, who has proven reliable many times in the past, who also indicated that more details will follow soon. The US publisher takes over the English version and its distribution Namely media, which is already taking care of the publication of the manga. While in France, a country where Naoyta Matsumoto's works are particularly popular, the anime will be distributed kaze.

The user also reported this in the comments Kaiju #8 manga will be pausedand will continue with a new chapter on September 2, 2022.

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