In this year's ninth edition of the magazine Monthly dragon age from the publisher KadokawaIt was revealed that Youichi Nishio will begin publishing a manga adaptation of the easy novels by Ayano and illustrated by Waon inu, Isekai Yurutto Survival Seikatsu.

Serialization begins in the next issue of the magazine, which will be released on September 9th. For his part, Ayano began to publish the light novels with illustrations by Waon Inu via the publisher Ichi Ni San Shobo on March 28th.

Synopsis of Isekai Yurutto Survival Seikatsu

The story is about Hokage Shinomiya, a high school boy who dreams of living on a desert island. He and some companions are inexplicably taken to a mysterious island in another world. With no electricity, gas, or water distribution systems, Hokage's survival skills will put him in the position of group leader.

Source: ANN

© 絢 乃 (著), 一 二三 編 (編 集), 乾 和 art (Artumph) (イ ラ ス ト) / ICHINISAN SHOBO 一 二三 書房


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